Onion Boys and Girls…:)


A growing onion Allium cepa in a neutral backg...

For those that love to dig down,

They are always excited when an onion rolls onto their path,

Peeling back each layer can be a sore process,

But one that is found addictive by other onions anyway,

Big onions, the brown ones, have thick layers that feel nice to touch, and it doesn’t take too long to get to the root,

They might be the cheapest, most common and overused onions, but that doesn’t mean they’re not really delightful, and tasty and easily digestible

Then there are the yummy waitrose onions from the ‘rare’ section of isle 3, getting hold of one of these happens once in a blue moon, and these one’s are too delicious for words…but that’s a whole ‘nother’ onion story entirely 🙂

Few ever see the REALLY rare PROBLEM onions that they only sell in odd hidden street markets

These onions take sore to a whole ‘nother’ level,

But each bitter layer is lined with a divine sense of intrigue and interest, so you can’t help but keep peeling anyway,

What do you do though??? When every time you peel off a layer,

The onion morphs into another vegetable entirely?

And another, and another, and then into a foooooking fruit!

The essence of onion loving is about making it to the root,

These rare onions have problems,

When people try to find the nature of each of their layers,

They are perpetually confused, as to why the onion says what, when, how, who, and why

Have these rare onions, even figured that themselves yet?

So do we wait? Do we put the onion back in the veg draw?

And hope that when we go back for a re-peel…

One, it hasn’t rotted from neglect or been eaten by another

Two, it has learnt to convey the reasons why…. it’s root is made of mango, butternut squash, lemons, tomatoes, potatoes and bloody sprouts!:)

Or 3, at least by then maybe we’ll know whether its varied roots are strange because they are truly rotten, or because they are truly wonderous, and just need cooking a different way. If we’re lucky enough to get to option 3, we get most clarity…. because then we know whether we want to re-peel it, or throw it in the bin immediately

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  2. Hey Zambo, soz also for delay, and no worries at all 🙂 Thanks for your comments, I really like your writing so am flattered you find some stimulation from my emotional drivvle 🙂 Can’t wait to read about your Dino entry…I was surprised and intrigued at the topic choice and I know nowt about them, so I look forward to your take 🙂 C ya Zambo and ta again 🙂

  3. Dawny you are welcome , sorry for the delayed reply , as you know there is no notifications here about the replies to the replies :), and i was not just leaving a comment and running away .
    About the Living Concepts , I think i would promote knowing them more and protecting them so they can teach us more , I think Dinosaurs have something to say to us.
    I like the way you link your writings to your emotions.
    you are Welcome again and c you 🙂

  4. Zambo, thanks muchly for your comments, can I ask what message you were thinking of writing…. under the ‘Living Concepts’ title? I so appreciate your honesty re my carelessnessness :)..I totally agree in this case, and this particular onion finally illlicited an ‘I can’t care’ reaction, so I find your comments proper interesting:). But the carelessness here is a reflection of the emotion, sooooo…. I Would love to know if you see this/or what you see in ‘I miss my Friend’ or ‘Just before the Manure Hits’…if you have a minute and are kind enough. That aside, Thanks again, Take care and keep the old cogs turning 🙂 Dawny 🙂

  5. I was thinking today of title or a term called the Living Concepts ” Animals , Countries , Peoples” and I guess you dig deep in the Onion philosophy to learn something , However I sense a nice carelessness in your writing but i am not so sure if others enjoy it as you do.

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