I Want to be a Tree…

A Juglans regia tree in Ticino

Image via Wikipedia

From seed to enlightment, I hope we’ll all be trees,

A lifetimes worth of avenues, littered with coloured leaves,

All that we do, make our rings,

All that we learn ring the rings, we get wider, sturdier,

as our  essence  finds solid,

Our branches grow slowly for people to hang on,

More and more come, so our branches must be strong and long

The beauty of our changing colours, every year and every season,

Will reflect the changing nature of us all, and all will see the beauty of our difference,

Every year, every season…..our changes will become as accepted as all that is nature,

As loved, as we already love all the different coloured leaves we see,

For these leaves come from the trees we need to be,

I hope the weeds around my feet, never strangle the routes of my ringed growing structure,

I will be a tree, I also hope you will be ….

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  2. Hey Ingrebourne,

    Ahhhh I can’t thank you enough for your complimentary words, as I try to write without any filters as much as poss (literal spillages), so I couldn’t be more pleased to see that this comes across to you. I am a huge fan of your style, and luv that so it’s different in a good way. Bloody glad you can see the concept of ‘self-oddness’, seeeee we know ay? lol…..i’ll be popping over for a read soon…Thanks again muchly 🙂

  3. A pleasure to comment Dawny. I particularly liked your thoughts about ‘self-oddness’ and how people are perceived. It struck a cord with me. Ha ha, yes, I think we both think along ‘strange philosophical lines’ all right, oh yes! How refreshing. Our styles of writing could not be more different, but I like yours a great deal. It bursts on to the page, ‘unafraid’. Wonderful. I reckon we will co-gas at some stage, no doubt. Even though our styles of delivery are quite different, it seems we think along similar lines.

    Take care also.


  4. Hey ingrebourne, thanks so much for your comment 🙂 you are my first EVER and it made my day :). And also ‘Thanks’ for the compliments on the content..it’s good to meet a soul who thinks along strange philosophical lines 🙂 Oh and i’m always up for a debate/ gas on any post if you should need a co-gasser….Now off to view your page :)…

    Take Care


  5. Hello Dawny. I passed by your blog as it caught my eye as I was in a mood for reading other people’s take upon philosophy. Glad I stopped by and may I say what a great read. I’ll be keeping an eye on it from now. Very entertaining while posing questions I often think about. Keep it up! I like your train(s) of thought…


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