Is the Soul our Duracell? Or the Key to Life? Or Nada??? :)


Scientists still vastly disagree….. On WHEN, and HOW a foetus goes from being a bunch of multiplying cells, to a person with organs. The very first beat of every human heart, is often USED and VIEWED, as the beginning of a little life, and the endpoint of being a collection of cells……

Point…The HEART is medically, scientifically and symbolically understood as ‘theeee very essence of every life’, when the heart starts beating we begin, and when it stops beating, our body can only wither and die….

So that’s WHEN sorted ish

Now for HOW

But FIRST, ask and answer yourself this…. can you think of any ‘living’ thing, or any ‘living’ person in the world, that does not need to be fed with some source of energy?

There are many arguments that state… ‘Our BRAIN is responsible for ‘starting’ our HEART’. This seems plausible enough to me and probably you too, we all know nature is pretty damn clever, and we are also ALL widely educated on the control our brains have, over our bodies 🙂 Plausible, logical theory for us non medical experts right? Where brain and nature ensure our ‘GO LIVE’ button is pressed.

BUT there are many scientists that strongly disagree with this theory, they believe, without doubt, the brain CANNOT start the heart of a baby in the womb. They have NO IDEA what triggers the first beat of a heart, but their theory is there, to completely disprove the brain as the catalyst.

Does my Dad know what starts the heart???

Now my Dad is a spiritual chap, and his beliefs and knowledge on the soul and the heart, have always been fascinating to me…today, I learnt something about the heart that adds another dimension to this spiritual theory. The something being, that the heart has an ELECTRICAL charge and beat, that regulates its rhythm and the blood flow to it.

I’m a science moron, but hopefully you’ll get this point enough to follow my thought

My Dad told me one day, a soul is the BATTERY of the body, its first and fundamental job is to provide energy, to ignite the heart of every foetus, (that moment where the ickle person in the womb begins). He said, the soul MAY be our everything, it MAY be. BUT aside from the fluffy ‘everything’ we attach to the soul, it is also the Duracell of the body. He told me…The soul could well hold the key to everything, or equally, nothing. But take away fate and faith and belief, and the soul is not immortal due to lessons, reincarnation, religion, or enlightenment. It is simply immortal because (apparently) currently we know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to kill energy……

And his explanation went like this….Single energy blobs are one sided magnets…negative and positive. When they move around, they find a match JUST to make a complete blob of energy??!!! He said, THE ONLY reason the soul is immortal, is because energy is UNKILLABLE and FOREVER FORMING….atmosphere, Mother Nature and miracles make energy…….. And it has to always live somewhere right?

So I asked HOW it keeps going…..

This insightful little snippet followed….please roll with it, I get there on the long path for a reason :). He first explained that water takes different forms in different environments…i.e… when cold or warm it’s liquid, it’s fluid. When it is proper cold it is a solid rock of ice, and when it’s toasty, it becomes a steamy gas…BUT IT IS ALWAYS WATER

Rolling continued, i’m getting there 🙂

Now how is the soul the same as water? (But bear the following in mind first) Give or take the odd idea…THE ONLY 2 things our current science boys and girls agree on (this century)…..ONE….there ARE definitely little floating magnetic pieces in the air, (atoms, mini atoms, ions..whatever they were/are called in that hideously dull physics lesson :)), TWO….ONLY the atmosphere and Mother Nature make them, they cannot be replicated

Sooooo like water, the soul exists in 3 different environments. It is half a blob, then it joins and morths into energy, all on its own bobbing in the air, until it becmes the battery of a living thing. Then when the ‘thing’ dies, simply because it CANNOT die with it, it rises up and travels through the dead dimension of the thing it lived in (maybe in another form??), and re-arrives in our air, on the hunt for a new vessel. If it can’t die, where else can it go?? Like water, through all these stages.. IT IS STILL ALWAYS ENERGY

What do you think peeps?? Is the soul a battery? Is the soul the answer to everything? Is it both? Is it neither? Does it even exist??

Personally, me thinks my Dad has a point 🙂

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