Just before ‘The Manure Hits’, comes a ‘Perfect Moment’ :)


In life I don’t believe we have perfect days, just rare rare rare moments of perfection within days…Moreover, the 3 rare perfect moments I have experienced, have all happened on 3 of the shittiest days of my life!!. I think Ms Karma sent these little sprinkles of magic to me, on them days when I was sinking into a giant pile of manure, to distract me from the immense stench of my location!……(Bless her :))

(Quick beg insert…. I would love love love to hear all about your perfect moments, should you wish to share and direct me to them :), and I’m interested in knowing if yours have also occurred on equally shitty days!!)

I don’t think a million and one words, could ever begin to describe or do justice to the feeling of a perfect moment, but I shall try to portray the situation anyway

Pre perfection scene setting section :)……Me and Marty, and 6 of my best friends had gone camping, it was sooooooooo sunny, and it was a marvellous little site, bouncing, but relaxed. Full of a mix of families, mates, couples, party girls and party boys; there was a constant hum of chatting and laughter. The atmosphere was warm, and the place was exactly the ‘right amount of busy’……

Marty’s car stereo was a corker :), so we were playing some tunes on his bass booming beauty of a system, I popped off for a trip to the loos, smiling at the sight of everyone laughing and chatting. (Smiling, as this was still the pre ‘shitty, manure’ part of the day!!)

When I came out of ze loo, THEEEEE moment began. I could hear music…then I looked around, and it was kinda like everything was moving in slow motion. The sun was beating down on my back, and from a bloody long way away from our tent, I realised the music I could hear was coming from our stereo. (God bless the invention of the sub woofer, and ‘praise be’ to the saints of HUGE wattage :)). ‘Sade, your love is king’ was playing…..The deep base, the beat, the soothing tones, and her beautiful voice we’re all crystal clear. Still feeling like I was on pause, I looked left and there was a dad holding his baby in his arms and he was swaying to the beat (totally unaware of said swaying :)), and I remember thinking he looked like he was feeling the perfection, even though it wasn’t his own piece of perfect). Then I looked ahead and saw that more than half the ‘chatty laughing people’ on the field, had NEW almost miss-able, but immovable, tiny smiles on their faces, and they were also (unknowingly :)) ‘swaying away’. It was as if the ‘swaying’ was a subconscious reaction to the immense experience they we’re feeling, to make up for the fact that their conscious mind remained totally ignorant to the magic of the moment. Maybe it was the bass, or the beat, or the feel of the song, or her voice, or them speakers :). I don’t know what did it, but something did something, and ITS impact on the smiling swaying droves was so intense, the ENTIRE atmosphere of the WHOLE site changed. That song undeniably altered the insides of the old, the young, the drunks, the dads, the friends, the lovers…….I could see it and feel it with every piece of me; It’s calming, warm, uplifting, indescribable impact filled them up too. I think the fact they weren’t aware of it, was probably one of the many tiny things that you need, to upgrade any moment, from special to perfect.

That two minute walk back to the tent was one of the best two minutes of my life. It was like somehow we had all ‘joined up’ and gone somewhere else, for the entire duration of the song, and I was lucky enough to see and feel it, in it’s entirity!

Then…. as the song ended, so did the moment, just like that!! Life shifted back to the pre Sade, sunny, niceness…..But the perfection part disappeared, just as suddenly as it begun. I was disapointed for just a second, til I realised that perfection has to be short and rare by definition….I’ll never forget that day, and not because it was one of the worst in my life…..

Thankyou for my perfect moment….

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