The Demise of Humanity??? One TRAIT left, before Machine/Human Morph Occurs??


Can anyone follow this old (long long long long) track I’ve landed on :)??? …..I think HOW WE VIEW a particular human TRAIT, may well be responsible for the demise of humanity!!! Or, just as likely… I’ve lost the plot again 😉

I’ve attempted a rational ‘evidence-like’ break down of these bizarre thoughts, to try to keep you on my track, til the end :). I hope the examples/evidence provide(s) clarity if needed. Warehouse ‘Bob’s’ sudden rage; Porridge commitment issues; ADHD Cheetahs, and 20 million newly inspired joggers, legging it past your window one Monday morning; are some of the examples that add clarity (honestly they do). AND I’m soooooo sorry for the ridigalious length, I’ve tried to make it as small as poss, but it was a bleeding long thought track to spill 🙂 Plus, the demise of humanity is no ‘short-blog’ topic peeps!!! :/

Oh and BTW…..POINT 5 is where it all becomes clear!! But points 1-4 are unfortunately relevant for understanding the whole 🙂

Oh and that, that and that over :), the main points of the track are this……..

  • There is a particular human trait. It is the ONLY common human trait I can think of that we ALL exhibit, and therefore the essence of humanity/humankind
  • We don’t know it as this!
  • We think the trait is sick, but it’s pretty 😦
  • We need to re-view it as pretty, before we A) know what to do with it and B) before we all accidentally end up as machines!!
  • Re-viewing it, is the start point of learning the ACTUAL purpose and capacity of humans, (as opposed to us just ‘yamming’ all the cod from the seas, typing all day, buying lots of shoes, and then dying!!
  • Our purpose surely can’t include our current ‘balls up’, re SHARING this earth ://
  • If we don’t re-view it, (the trait!!) it might die….and then we’ll definately be machines 😦

Alot of apparent facts there I know….I’m now gonna try to convince you i’m not talking tripe 🙂

POINT 1 – The KEY TRAIT i’ve called IBHO……..’Inconsistent.. Behavioural.. Human.. Oddness’…it occurs in ALL humans right? To VARYING extents, at times, we ALL behave ‘out of character’, WITHOUT a reason. Times where we recognise we are being ‘self-odd’, but really don’t know why.

One example, Someone waking up with a strange urge to jog (when they never jog anywhere

Or a person ‘going off’ porridge for just 3 days, 24 years into a 30 year porridge love affair 🙂

Or the ten minutes, one day, when warehouse ‘Bob’.. the meek, mild, always smiling, 60-year-old, lost the plot and chinned a customer ;///

POINT 1 conclusion….. These IBHO ‘self-odd’ moments, affect EVERYONE to VARYING DEGREES, and soon you’ll see why this is a big big big problem for mankind!!! (Oh the Drama :))

RANDOMNESS POINT…THEEEE difference between machines and people is this… basic machines ONLY know HOW to repeat patterns. People ONLY know how to TRY to repeat patterns. ‘Randomness’ interferes with our CONSISTENCY, to repeat the patterns of life (No filing clerk has filed for 60 years without buggering up the pattern, due to a moment of IBHO ‘self-oddness’)

POINT 2 – IF EVERYONE experiences IBHO randomly, then COLLECTIVELY, it’s no longer random!) …… and if anything random becomes continuous, its significance naturally changes (i.e. from earthquakes, to ear ache to social change). This means the significance of IBHO here is growing…..which is why it’s part of the big big big problem of point 5!!

POINT 3 – Relates to the ‘MIS-VIEWING bit :). In Society and life, much that is UNCOMMON, gets AUTOMATICALLY seen as ABNORMAL/ODD (whether it is or not). (Again this is relevant as it causes another big big big problem for our SPECIES!!!!) Oh And much that is COMMON, gets AUTOMATICALLY seen as NORMAL (whether it is or not).

Evidence —– We’ve walked to work for centuries, so we SEE/LOOK at other walkers as normal, only BECAUSE it’s COMMON to walk. If one day, 20 million people in the UK were instead, sprinting to work, and you saw them ALL, sprinting by your window :), it would SEEM/LOOK abnormal, only BECAUSE it is an UNCOMMON sight…

POINT 4 – Upon HOURS of thought……IBHO is the only ONLY TRAIT (non physical) I can possibly think of, that you could logically hope to assign as COMMON to ALL humans. (BUT i’d LOVE to know if you can think of another as i’m damn SURE there are many :), (but if not). That kinda makes it THEEEEEE ‘essence of being human’ !!!!! Do you see it getting bigger yet???..

POINT 3 quick revisit  – IF we knew IHBO was commom, we’d AUTOMATICALLY see it as NORMAL (like the walkers on the way to work :). PROBLEM — Society’s links between COMMON and NORMAL, have made us VIEW ‘IHBO’ as abnormal; now for why this is huge…nearly…

Nearly nearly 🙂 BUT BEFORE POINT 5… THIS IS THE GIANT HUMAN FAUX PAS we’ve commited.

If the above evidence is by some chance right, IBHO IS the ‘essence of what makes us human’ (no drama, just species logic). Therefore, It’s the thing that makes us special, and layered, and alive, and unique, but also THE SAME. It’s the only thing that separates us from the machines who can ONLY repeat patterns. But we’ve somehow missed its beauty and importance…and classified it as a DISEASE!!

and just when you thought we couldn’t get any more idiotic :(…The FIRST GIANT HUMAN FAUX PAS HAS LED TO THIS GEM ;//// BY calling our IHBO’ers diseased, we’ve also buggerred up the ONLY other thing we share, common ground!. No one meets there anymore and finds similarity…BECAUSE common ground is based on the comfortable feeling of ACCEPTABLE SHARED NORMS, (shame’s not so popular in this category :)!!!) and DISEASE is not considered normal/comfortable/acceptable or particularly pride filled, !! DOH!!

Evidence of less common ground… We all know that Humans now; more than ever, are more diverse, more fragmented, more judgemental, more destructive, less accepting, less tolerant, less understanding, less compassionate, and more different from each other than ever…..

AT LAST AT LAST AT LAST YOU CRY!!!! POINT 5 5 5 5 🙂 – ‘ODD behaviour’ is used as THE SOLE DEFINING guideline, for deciding which humans are sick and diseased (mentally, humanly). So if someone displays IBHO too OFTEN, they are considered ILL (delirious, psychotic, deluded, violent, depressed, manic, crazy, disordered, unstable, odd, unhinged, innapropriate etc etc)

Evidence – If watching Warehouse ‘Bob’ punching a customer for 14 days in a row. (instead of once as in the earlier example). Watching punch 6, ‘Bob’ would SEEM/LOOK more odd and abnormal, than watching punch 1. If Bob kept on with his IBHO punches for months, he WOULD be locked up/treated/labelled/diagnosed as SICK in some way. The VIOLENCE is not relevant here, but the EXTENT. Non-violent ‘Miss jogger’ would also be deemed crazy, or melting down, or in some sorta crisis, if she jogged ‘Forest Gump’ stylee for a year, instead of to the shop one morning……

So now we know that excessive IHBO’ers get hidden in asylums for their random behaviour. Problem being here, any species members with the largest ‘drops’ of their unique trait, are meant to reinforce the members that have less in their bones (NATURE LOGIC). This is not easy when imprisoned!!!!

Take Cheetahs….Life’s cheetahs are still legging it muchly, and we don’t think the fastest ones who run the most often, have ADHD!!!!, or disorders of dopamine!!! :). Human’s with excessive IHBO’s, are the equivalent of the excitable, extra energetic cheetah’s. Where does the different perception make sense??? Why do the animals run free and the humans lose all freedom?? I don’t see how they’re not the same???

Why are we soooooooooooo stooooopid peeps??? 🙂 Why are we curious for their beauty, but blind to our own…

And it’s not just the cheetahs, but all other creatures; every single other species, KNOWS their unique TRAIT, (swan love, stripes, spots, great hearing, etc) is a THING OF BEAUTY AND POSITIVITY, a gift from dear old Mother Nature. It is carried down through the generations, to ensure the species grows and improves and strengthens. It LINKS each member to each other, through the joined purpose it provides, (again, that link being common ground).

Take the research which discovered that little old Bee’s save the world. The START POINT of how we view something (‘The Bee’s’ here), makes MUCH difference to WHAT we understand/learn at the end!!!! We ONLY know so many wonderous things about other species, because we recognised their unique ‘TRAITS’ as GOOD ‘things’, as our start point of curiosity. The vital fact here being….the view/start point of analysing anything is HUGE!!!!!

But back to the asylums of excited humans/versus the freedom of the excited cheetahs!!…. What if in another hundred years of locking up the (human) leaders and teachers, the group starts to further lose the way, and the trait gets weaker??. We’re only one step away from engineered machines now anyway. If we keep putting the beautiful under lock and gate, laying on the shame around our trait, will evolution make sure ‘the unique TRAIT of our particular species’ begins to die, simply from dormancy/mis-use/or no use (a bit like the appendix i guess 🙂 .The more shame we’re made to feel when we ‘get ‘randomed up’, the more we’ll suppress those random moments of joyous AND non joyous oddness, til eventually, we won’t know how to use our RANDOM AT ALL… we’ll just lose it. And machines we will be 😦

And do Bob and Miss Jogger have more to teach us about IBHO randomness than porridge girl ever could….Probably…. And do Bob and Miss Jogger have a ninja type capacity to fix up any IHBO problems? and then go spread ze good of the trait?? Probably, probably, probably definately!!……

Sooooooo….So far, it seems the evidence suggests, we have no idea what our trait is for, we’re scared of it, we think it’s diseased, and we’re the only species that has sacked its common ground, cos we stooopidly thinks it’s poisonous to stand on! How How How do we do it people lol ??? BUT CRY OUT LOUD!!!!!! 🙂

I don’t see how we can begin to fix up, understand or utilise our unique trait, in order to discover our ACTUAL purpose and TRUE capacity….without first ‘re-viewing’, ‘re-seeing’, and re-defining it to ‘cheetah/bee status. Each other’s random IBHO, (just for the START of enlightenment) surely has to be renamed… ‘Inconsistent Human Behavioural Unique Beauty???  (with good and bad random included in the beauty)

REMEMBER…Social order, (not nature) pushes for CERTAIN BEHAVIOUR…(non-randomness), the pressure to stick to patterns, work work work, bills bills bills, behave behave behave, file file file..this way!! Why is it up to them to tell us what is sick and what is pretty?

If If If this spillage is true, Then EXACTLY like the clue’d up animal research we’ve done. We need to apply the same ethos to IBHO observation. This sort of research would allow a process of understanding, accepting, and curiously viewing this trait OBJECTIVELY (not as odd OR normal), ending with discovering it’s capacity ……and you never know, if we ever manage this, we might one day even reach some kinda enlightenment on our purpose, AND how to share the planet…. And maybe maybe, if we’re really lucky, we may discover what we are ACTUALLY capable of ADDING to the world via our Trait.

Currently we seem to take a lot, and bust up a whole lot more. Unlike the oh so enlightened animals, who manage to work together, yet separately, without damaging any of the planet, with utter ease 🙂 Is their immense success and wisdom SIMPLY due to A) Utilising their unique trait as intended, B) understanding their purpose and C) remembering to link up on their common ground???

Surely someone /something didn’t make us this capable so we could just bust up the earth for our own gain/convenience, watch Eastenders and buy TV’s!!! (though they’re tempting little treats, so I empathise with our moronic side-tracking behaviour :))

As for what we’re meant to do once we wake up and realise why Mother Nature gave us IBHO as our wonderous trait…..I have no bloody idea!!! Do you??? 🙂

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