The Roots of Personal Creative Inspiration, remain as Mysterious as the Creative ‘Soul entering’ Personal Appreciation of a Creation! :)


The eternal mystery of why we like ‘that’ and hate ‘that’….

Inspiration plus Appreciation is a funny , undefinable thing I think.

I guess it’s well known that life’s ‘Conventional Creative Categories’, such as ‘Music, Art, Theatre etc are always linked to some sort of ‘Inspiration’, for the creator and the reciever…..

I totally get this…as i’m sure we all do. It’s why Guns and Roses make BOTH my ears and soul bleed :(, whilst roughly 1 to 40 squillion other people, were saved from ‘Teenage over-the-edgeness’, PURELY by their screeching bilge (Sorry any fans :), but they kill my inner peace, so they sprang to mind immediately as an example!!! ;///)

Now the inspiration for writing is a new entry into my ‘meandering mind’, because it’s a relatively new discovery for me..from the ‘Creative Category of Life. The other delights mentioned above, I thankfully discovered, soaked up, and ‘peeked around’ into, yonks ago 🙂

Sooooooo…with this being all ‘new and shiny’, I’m finding it interesting to muse over why???, when I notice what ‘things’ trigger my ‘writing button’. And whilst lots of things do and have…So far, one persons ‘mind’ seems to fire my ‘writing cogs’ with a ridigalious 🙂 speed, and through a slightly different door in my mind, which I don’t have the key for!!!.

As fate would have it, something really strange happened, and I am now unsure whether he is a complete loon, or whether I am, for thinking he is!!! ;////

So as a result, we limited contact and discussion to ‘writing and reading each others drivvle’ ONLY. In any other capacity (such as something as simple as ‘musing over chicken sandwiches’) his cryptic takes, send my busy, easily confused mind to John Nash land anyway, so it’s probably for the best :).

But I do believe I was sent him as a gift, and that he may be the only one with the key to this ‘particular’ inspirational writing door of mine).

I’m so thankful for this ‘episode’ of my life, in spite of the possible/imagined loon disaster he/I might be ;///. It may seem weird that I know he may be a ‘loon’, yet I still decided to re-instate any contact at all, after my abusive rant!!…I find it weird too, and I can’t provide much explanation…. except I guess I missed his mind, and it’s effect on my dormant door.

So with this compromise, I will now always be just ONE click away from a peek inside his contradictory, 80%/80% (at least..see below :)), confusing, enlightened, random, funny, entertaining thought provoking mind….and just ONE minute away from 648 varying thoughts, that I wanna WRITE NOW NOW NOW 🙂

I think the other parts of this ‘excessive inspiration’ are due to the fact that we often arrive at exactly the same conclusions, via utterly different routes, on random bilge we both muse over. And maybe the rest is that he believes he has a 80/20% brain, (which is unusual BTW) (I say this is ‘balls’ and it’s 80%/29%/31%/93% :)), but his thought trains are very unusual whatever the maths..

Loon or no Loon (me or him :)), a mind can still be magic, and I thank fate for sending me to the enjoyment of his mind spillages; to his words; and for his unique inspiration ….All he needs to do now is remove comics and porn from his collection, and get bloody published ;)!!

Crazy little genius 🙂

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