Communication Meltdown 7654 sent ‘Dawny’ to the ‘Tower of Lessons’


Once upon a time, on a random sunny day, a gal called ‘Dawny’ said somethings, in a far away place, and the response to the things Dawny said, led her to a tower, where she wrote this little ‘communication lessons’ letter to herself….Oh and then the prince climbed up her hair and made her a WAG!!!…..But first, the letter 🙂

Dear Dawn

Lesson 1, of the day…..I must learn how not to be a social hand grenade

Lesson 2, I must dilute my initial thought, to a written post which people can actually understand, as opposed to complete misinterpretation….

Lesson 3, I must stop laughing at people’s misfortune (such as ice injuries, when the funny ice injury story is from a sensitive soul who was seeking sympathy, not comedic sharings!!

Lesson 4, ‘Not for public exposure’..but there was a lesson here pre paste 🙂

Lesson 5, Remember that many people in life, just don’t get me 🙂

Lesson 6, Remember not to care that many people don’t get me, it’s not an easy job to be fair! 🙂

Lesson 7, Remember that if they don’t get me, It’s kinda senseless ‘getting them’, cos that’d just be one-sided understanding…. and what bleeding use is that to any two-sided equation :)! Unless in a therapist type role lol

Lesson 8, Edited for ‘friend exposure wrong-ness’ purposes (Sorry)!

Lesson 9, Never forget to smile….especially if you have no idea what’s going on

Lesson 10, Know your audience….well meant jovial abuse is not everyone’s cup a tea in the laughter department!!

Lesson 11, Balance inner ‘gob stream’ with outside controllings 🙂

Lesson 12, In complete contradiction to all the above advice, be yourself at all times, stop talking to most other humans :)(and continue talking to yourself), sod all forms of backlash, and relish in the random strangeness I was blessed and blighted with!!!

Oh how i’ve grown today!! 🙂

The End

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