‘Ladies’…’You Rock’…If in doubt see below :)


A little ‘ODE’ to woman, I wrote a weee while ago

The biggest mystery to humankind?

The workings and ideals, inside a woman’s mind,
Ever evolving, ever someone new,
Layers upon layers, of secrets, doors, and truths,

A hundred different people, all inside one skin,
Depth and thought, passion and strength, abundantly within,
An endless capacity to hold it all together,
A life long quest to know and grow, to see the bigger picture,

Relationships, friendships, vocations, all nurtured,
Lessons learnt from all those that hurt her,
Oppressed and ridiculed, discriminated, still,
In spite of this, an unstoppable will,

Our girl mates who keep us from going under,
Our mothers who love us no matter where we wander,
Sisters who know that they’re joined by their souls,
The women in my life have made me whole,

Never underestimate the wonder of a woman,
Scratch the surface of any girl, you’ll find she’s super human,
So celebrate your wobbly bits, and the times you’re a bit crazy,
Cos women all the world right over…you’re nothing short of amazing……

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