A ‘Song for Everyone’ from YOU to YOU…Wisdom, Beauty and Layers…In 3 Odd Minutes! Genius:)

KT Tunstall at the 2005 Summer Sundae

You Will Heal Eventually...Now Be Nice to Yourself!

I was listening to one of my favourite songs the other night. KT Tunstall – Heal Over. (lyrics below)

A song I had previously dedicated to, and associated with, my dear friend ‘Sim-Bob’. The very first time I heard it, I thought the lyrics were just made for her. With this ‘pre-link’ so ingrained, I was shocked and surprised when this weeks’s random re-listen, IGNITED a second link and a ‘re-perception’of this song.

I realised that – not only is it a beautiful creation, not only is it soooooooo apt a message for a treasured friend in pain. But it is also a PROFOUND piece of advice to every single girl (and boy, see below), when viewed as a conversation between you and yourself! The Epitome of ‘What you would say to yourself, if you were your own best friend’.

(Oh and boys, inspite of you being missing from the lyrics, you’ll heal over too :))

I would have included you earlier…but I didn’t wanna ”’emasculate”’ ya with the chorus; other than that, you can blame KT for choosing ‘lady’ instead of ‘person of any gender’ here, for my sexist dedication…

The reasons why I think this ‘new perception’ makes sense!

  • I think we all have (at least) two sides to ourselves…in some way or another

The song can be perceived as an exact conversation between these two sides

  • We all understand our own experiences, and why we feel and act the way we do; in a way no-one else can understand. We also are the only ‘ones’ who know EXACTLY HOW FAR along we are, on our various ‘life/pain’ paths. And we all have them don’t we? As sure as spuds are spuds, we’re all somewhere along, at least one ‘pain path’…
  •  But third, and probably most importantly, whilst I was doing some counselling training once upon a time, I was educated on the IMPORTANCE of being kind to YOURSELF. The Essence of being able to care for others (to HEAL them), is based on ‘maintaining the self’ first…Being your own best friend was the key to this job (and many others BTW). And listening to the words, the verses seemed to be a conversation between your two parts. And the chorus…
  • The Epitome of ‘What you would say to yourself, if you were your own best friend’.

Whether you are a fan of KT Tunstall or not, a view on ‘Youtube’ of her performance on ‘Jools Holland’ – ‘Black Horse and a Cherry Tree’, is undeniably clever. A quick search of the complex ‘tabs’, on anyone of her songs, show the extent of her musical ability. And yesterday, I realised the extra beauty of ‘Heal Over’…A song that immediately conjured an image of my treasured friend ‘Sim – Bob’, and how I wanted her to know she would be fixed, BUT also a fantastic and profound piece of advice from self, to self…..with the best and true message….we all do ‘Heal Over’….ALWAYS.

KT, you’re a god damn genius, and with this song alone you give me a triple helping of pleasure…all delivered through the ‘Complete Yummines’ of the beauty of the song in it’s simplest form.

And ‘here be’ ze lyrics – (remember to talk to yourself ;0)

It isn’t very difficult to see why, you are the way you are,

Doesn’t take a genius to realise, that sometimes life is hard,

It’s gonna take time, but you’ll just have to wait,

You’re gonna be fine, but in the meantime,

Come over here lady, let me wipe your tears away,

Come a little nearer baby, cause you’ll HEAL OVER, heal over, heal over someday

And I don’t wanna hear you tell yourself,

That these feelings are in the past,

Know it doesn’t mean they’re off the shelf,

Because pain is built to last,

Everybody sails alone, oh but we can travel side by side,

Even if you fail, you know that no-one really minds,

Come over here lady, let me wipe your tears away,

Come a little nearer baby, cause you’ll HEAL OVER, heal over, heal over someday

Then don’t hold on BUT don’t let go,

I know it’s so hard,

You’ve got to try to TRUST YOURSELF,

I know it’s so hard, so hard yea

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