I’m a ‘Lover not a Fighter’..But I wanna poke Cameron in the EYE!


Mmmmm lets turn the street lights off when its dark so

A) We can save 4 pence a night per light (I made that figure up BTW, as the amount is irrelevant when you consider the OTHER costs)

B) We can tolerate a 864% rise in crime for any ‘4 pences’, wherever they may be saved (Doh on the multiple 4 pences this rise in ‘safe crime’ will ADD)

C) Lets leave the CCTV on, so we can view all the black screens of evidence! YOU are a MORON Cameron

D) Thanks for removing the funding for a much needed service, and my job (which BTW) took 5 years for me to get the skills for, and I was completely unpaid for them! Lets remove the jobs that cost the economy nothing too …. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

E) You’re just a twat!

F) Empty my bin you LOON, you have removed the recycling facilities and I can’t swallow the remains of my microwave meal, it’s plastic!

G) WE DO NOT all live in self lit, remote controlled, gated communities Cammy Boy…you self centred, 1920’s thinking Peeeeeeeeeeeenus!

Rant Over! :0 Farewell!

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