Cliché? Extended melodic Clichés? Bilge or just the Undiscovered??

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An example of a cliché

‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’…

Clichés are exactly that…(Ooooo but are they???)…..Clichés…Sentences that often mean nothing personal to you or I, and have a reputation for being ‘ouchy’ or ‘cheesy’ or ‘fluffy’ or ‘dramatic’ etc . And they generally remain this; until the day they sum up exactly the thing that you just experienced, for the FIRST time. The above cliché came to ‘realisation’ when I attempted to attach a curtain pole to the wall with ‘No More Nails’.

It fell off!!!

My Mum spent the next 20 minutes trying to explain that the glue was not the problem. The glue is/was only as strong as the surface it was attached to. The Plaster did not have the STRENGTH to stick to its friend, ‘the wall’, PLUS, bare the weight of the curtain pole.

Sooo…My glue was of ‘gargantuan’ strength, as was my wall….BUT…this didn’t matter because the plaster was my WEAKEST link, and it broke the chain anyway!

Hence, this was the day this particular cliché made sense to me…it came to realisation through a new experience, albeit a simple one.

Now there are some utterly cheesy lengthy clichés out there, surrounding love right??? And I’ve always felt the lyrics of ‘Love Songs’ are particularly rammed full of them.

However, ‘Sade…’Your Love Is King’…is full of them (or so I thought), and I’ve always loved it IN SPITE of its cheese anyway! It is truly special to me for many reasons; but until recently, (and SHOCKINGLY to me), I REALISED I had never listened to ALL the cheeeeeeeesy lyrics properly. Now its new impact, upon LISTENING for the first time, I will come back to; but the point is, if I had LISTENED to the lyrics a month ago I would have firmly placed them in the ‘ouchy’, ‘cheesy’, and definitely ‘fluffy’ and ‘dramatic’ category of the many other ‘Love Songs’ and their ‘words’.

But back to its new impact…

I didn’t make a conscious choice to all of a sudden hear ALL of the lyrics; they must have fell into my ears on a subconscious level. Why?? See what happened was, somewhere in between the last last listen, and the last listen, I fell in REAL love!! Calpol, mushy peas, mashed spud, cheesy, ‘Don’t Do This’ ‘Does this exist’ LOVE!!!

And just like the curtain pole/’No More Nails’ fiasco, the lyrics summed up exactly the THING that I was experiencing, for the FIRST time.

Define Clichés… above?? OR as: Written roads of wisdom, experience and discovery?? Discoveries of life; of self; of inanimate objects; of others; of CAPACITY. Discoveries that, FOR YOU AND I, were simply not possible the day before.

So it would seem the lines we hear and dismiss so often, are the sentences that sometimes ‘click’ around some pretty insightful, life changing ‘experiences’. Never did I think I could ever ever mean the words (extended cliché) ‘Touching the very heart of me, making my soul sing, crying out for more, YOUR love is King’….But it is!! And I do!!!. So next time I hear a ‘fluffy’, ‘cheesy’, ‘ouchy’ sentence, I will smile my previously cynical ass off, and wait for the day it gets to mean something personal to me.

I love you Baby…But not a LOVE that I’ve previously known…I love you ‘The Sade One’!

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