The Man with at least 8 Names…


He thinks he sees in black and white,

BUT Technicolor is ALL that lands on the page,

Ironically, even the most enlightened minds,

Have blind spots, that are so blindingly obvious to other eyes,

You cannot categorise in black and white,

And then fill in the million ‘maybes’ in the very next breath,

The walls bore the uncoloured spaces,

His only safe way to place you in or out, promptly and definitively, before the insides can be affected,

It makes me sad to think he feels his reality has a HOLE in it,

When the magic of his mind alone, makes more of a WHOLE, than the thing he ‘wants’ ever could

I sincerely hope the interference of that fluffy over-rated concept, doesn’t stop you from being all you can be, or WORSE, all that you were put here to do…… 

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