Love..Idealised, Played, Abused, Misunderstood, Understood, Removed and…THEN Send!


First she fell in love with the very idea of being in love,

Then she fell in love with the outside world seeing that someone could love her,

And she thought this was love,

Then she tired of acting indoors, without an audience; she realised this was not love,

Then she fell in love with the power of love, and abused it, as a weapon, she was cruel and broken, and love was her knife,

Then she fell in love with the way she was loved,

Until the way she was loved changed, and her love left, she realised this was not love,

Love was still a game, though she knew even then, she was silly over everything, and serious about love only,

Then she thought that love was to give your entire self, so she did, but when she didn’t receive an entire self back, her love left, and she realised this was not love,

Then she made love impossible, by ruling out any vulnerable, she allowed them all to love her, but not her them, she knew THROUGH this time, this was not love,

Then she walked alone for some time, and she realised what love was for her, what would make her love someone,

To love someone, she needed to love ‘them’, the person; their soul, their ways, their insides, their mind and their heart,

Then she waited, and continued loving all the safe people in her life, and she was sure then, she had finally figured out what it was to ‘love’ someone, and she was right,

But to be ‘In love’, to remain ‘In love’, she needed not only to love the person in entirety, not only to admire and adore and respect them. She realised she needed exactly the same back. For her, to ‘love’ was to give everything and expect nothing back. To be ‘In Love’, to adore and admire and respect in such measures…she simply needed entirety back, or nothing. However unobtainable!

Then she watched ‘A Movie’ and knew ultimately that the reason why she had walked away so many times, was because she was in search of a character in a script…

By then she was scared and tired,

Then she was pensive,

Then decisive,

Then content and happy, all thoughts of the script gone, the unobtainable reality was exposed, dealt with, replaced…

And Peace descended…

And when she finally realised what it was to truly ‘love’ another, someone sent her the script,

And she realised for her, to be ‘in love’ was to love ‘them’, AND to love how they ‘love you’. So that when one side of the equation rises and falls, and the good times come and go, you either stay because you love ‘them’ or you stay because you love their ‘love’. No, not either, you stay for both; because it’s only both for her, that finally made it real, and reality exists…so this time she will stick

She realised

Timing is everything. Whether it’s for a season, a reason or a lifetime, gifts are always sent in the right order, she smiled as she realised she was ‘In Love’

The Movie…’True Romance’….

3 responses

  1. I haven’t seen this movie. But is it the story of this movie? I guess not. But however we try to cage the feelings of love in words, the success is illusive.
    Nice writing… 🙂

  2. Ahhhh my Pragatan 🙂 This made me smile muchly! Thankyou treacle! I bloody LOVE you too lady, and also av done for fooooooking years 🙂 Wicked seeing ya yest, AND Friday smasharoonied time! 🙂 Yay xxx

  3. I fell in love with you years ago……u are easy to love…….love that you have found more love…..:)