Pretty Please don’t take away ‘My Yellow Knees of Liberty’! :(

Yellow car

Blanche 333, you are my little yellow feet

You are my legs

But mostly you are my KNEES

The place of my music alone… 🙂

We drive, we think, we fix and we figure…Together

At 4am, you’re always there to take me where-ever I wanna go

You make a third of my liberty, 2/3rds of my happiness is derived from my liberty

It was one bloody night

Panic, how many times do we all take our eye off the ball for just a second?

3 to 6

Oh and I didn’t know about them ones!

Why why why did I not listen to myself and the others???, and not bloody go!!!!!

Don’t take my legs, or my feet please

You’ll bring me to my KNEES

Pretty please?

It wasn’t me in that subdued, easily forgotten outfit!

I wasn’t there, and nor was my buckle!