Totally Fooooooking Liberated…I really don’t MIND ‘What You Think’ at last! :)

A Whole New Mind

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Utterly Undeniably Liberated :),

When I GREW to MEAN ‘I don’t MIND if I’m liked, or I’m hated’,

So I came to write me this little mental note,

In case I accidentally fall back on the ‘I give a fooook boat’ :),

For those that are close, this of course doesn’t count,

Our mutual like and love means, ‘your’ opinion’s paramount,

We SEE each other, I care a lot,

For the rest, well… This is what I’ve got,

There’s so many things that people disapprove of,

Trying not to offend them all is an impossibly crazy job,

No-one can control what others think of you,

But the day you don’t care, is the day it can no longer make you blue,

I am what I am; I’ve ‘lived’ my share of failings,

But I no longer mind if you judge me, for the times I fell from the railings,

If I say what I think and you think it’s a disgrace,

If I say what I think and you think I’m crude or base,

If I say what I think and you think I’m disrespectful,

If I say what I think and you think I’m aggressive or resentful,

There’s a good chance you’ve misunderstood my intent,

Often misinterpreted, I intend not to offend!

But that’s YOUR opinion and your feeling, and neither are a ‘fault’,

Vastly different experiences, bring personal rules to ‘court’,

I tell you, not giving a shit though, is thoroughly cathartic,

Which case was that madam? Yes I’m sure I said basket! 🙂

Many different ideas of acceptable ways to be,

Different words and looks and actions, offend you and me,


But those who are linked, they still bumble along,

We don’t just all hate each other, when agreement’s not strong,

I’ll upset you and you’ll upset me,

And if we’re important to each other, we’ll agree to disagree,

If ‘you’ walked away forever, for my opinions and my comments,

Then there’s a pretty good chance, I didn’t miss ‘you’ when you left,

Totally foooooking liberated,

I no longer care, if I’m loved or I’m hated 🙂

Accepting my traits, all good and bad bits,

Without arrogance, delusion or ego, I state this,

I’ll continue to grow in the way I think fit,

Don’t take this as rude, I just don’t care what you think! 🙂

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