You Say, I Say…Definitions of who’s making? Labels Schmables! ://


You say, I say….

You say paranoid, I say intuitive?

You say crazy, of the emotions I live,

I feel passion, you say I’m ill?

Trapped in the moment, stuck in the mill…

You say too much, I say not enough?

The hate is so real, but then so’s the love,

Contradiction shapes my reality,

The smallest things can be real in their tragedy,

You say disturbed?, I say enlightened!

You miss all the beauty I see when I’m heightened,

Who’s to say I’m sicker than you,

Odd beliefs..oh yea?? Tell me says who?

Suggestible or open minded?

Really deluded or spiritually enlightened?

A higher state of consciousness?

Or a medical term to describe a mess?

You say what you will and so will I,

I say different, with a kind of fourth eye,

Passionate, real and kind at the core,

Plugging the holes so I can give more,

I made the masks and I wear them well,

That means them masks ARE part of my soul,

I AM that girl who some people love,

It’s just that I’m also a million others,

I have more sides than most I’ll grant you,

But varieties the spice of life after all,

The line between love and hate is so fine,

Crazy’s revered, but is sane so sublime?

Really its all just mere definition,

The boundaries aren’t set in lifes expedition,

I’m proud to say I am who I am,

Warts and all, crazy or sane?

You say what you will and so will I,

Not listening now so I’ll say my goodbye’s,

Not really buying half of your crap,

Scientific and medical tit for tat,

You say I’m sick, Well I say I’m pretty,

You say I’m hard work, but you make me shitty,

You say unstable, I say multi dimensional,

I live for the moment, not tied to the sensible,

Convention is not something I want or desire,

I don’t pretend ‘fine’ if I’m not, like the liars,

I say I’m me, and I will make it through,

Whether you say, I’m black or I’m blue,

Keep your terms, and your categories,

I’m not just a name or an illness I’m me,

The good, the marvellous, the dark and the ugly,

The black, the white and the nothing in between,

The complex gal named Dawn Marie

2 responses

  1. I say … Danke muchly 🙂 and you like a rhymeeeee one! yay!
    Point 1. I don’t KNOW but I reckon they’re unaware of the very meaning of the bleeding words, so far too blind, and an ickle bit deluded to possibly be in charge of perceiving anyone correctly! if it could ever be objective in the first place;//
    2. I change what I mean all the time lol, Pluto’s fault! Trust me on this 🙂 I internally percieve all sorts a shit that may or may not exist so I think I also should not be in charge of percieving anyone 🙂 But I decided to anyway! Dum dum DUUUUM! 🙂

  2. We say…..Nice one….
    (even if it does rhyme)

    but here’s a shift, how do you know whether what they says is what they means or even worse, what they perceive????

    or gasp, what you say is what you mean or even internally percieve?

    dum dum DUUUM???