A ‘Slightly Frustrated yet Joyous Muse’ on the TIMING of ‘Re-Call’

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

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Do you ever wonder how in ‘Gods’ name…The ‘Re-Call’ section of our brain works?

I wonder this as once again, I am singing a song which I last heard around 15 years ago, ‘Knowing I’m on the street where you live’ from ‘My Fair Lady’…Now the song is virtually an antique, without the consideration of not hearing it for half a lifetime, and I also don’t particularly like it, or not like it. AND AND AND a few months ago, this very song, again popped into my head one random morning. Why this one? Why then? And Why now?

I watched ‘My Fair Lady’ many times when I was ickle, so I understand that I probably have stored this song and its associations, in many different parts of my brain, for many different reasons. What fascinates me is the TIMING! Of the things we WANT to recall, but also the timing of the things we don’t!! Such as 100 year old songs haunting us for 3 hours straight ;//

Now In November, I went to Pisa and I was talking to a girl about Australia. I was telling her about this amazing Island I visited when I was there, but recalling the ‘name’ failed me. I spent the next few days trying to summon the word from my ‘backroom’, whenever the ‘un-named’ place popped into my head…

Now it is MARCH and last night, I was talking about Nala, my sisters Dog, and thinking about something utterly unrelated at the same time…and SHA BAM! Kepple Island! WHY THEN?

Neither my conscious mind, nor my semi sub conscious thought pattern, were remotely linked with anything… remotely linked to…KEPPLE ISLAND!

It’s a lovely feeling though ay? When the light-bulb goes and you FINALLY RECALL? 🙂

So in November I had a thought, it stayed around for a few days, it then left my consciousness completely, and good lord knows where it went for 6 months??!!. But it was clearly busy talking to my recall section at some point! WHEN?! When these two had finished talking… the thought joined up to the memory it needed, but who knows if it joined up in November or February Or Last night??

Do our thoughts find the matching memory and then deliver it immediately? Or do they hang around with the songs from ‘My fair Lady’? for unspecified random amounts of time. One I was trying to recall, one I wasn’t. But I think they must ‘hang around’ together!

Where has Kepple Island been?

Who woke it up? Or bought it forward? And how?

Where do the songs come from? Why THEN?

The little ‘Fairies of Recall’ intrigue me immensely…Timing is a fixation of mine, so I like to muse over the timing of pretty much everything. Normally I find an answer… but to this little mystery, I like its unsolved-ness. So any boff’s who know WHY And WHEN? Please leave me in my ‘slightly frustrated, yet tickled, intrigued ignorance’ 🙂

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