You QUIET little Buggers YOU ;)…The Silent Appreciation of ‘Zam’


I have just been for an ‘old nosey’ on one of my favourite WORDPRESS Blogs found so far. I’m not sure on the ‘Promo etiquette’ of blogs, but as it’s a blog…I’m guessing (and hoping) it’s OK to say it was Zambo’s. Now whilst browsing, I read a moving, insightful, wisdom filled little snippet on identity and globalisation.

THEN I saw that a WHOLE other 1746 (or something like that) people had also read this entry.

Personally, I seem to have a natural inner urge to tell someone if they evoke/provoke/poke parts of me with their writing. BUT I place no judgement WHATSOEVER on the people who do not have an uncontrollable urge to communicate their opinion :). I understand that to read in itself, is to appreciate too…and that we are all different


I am a little SURPRISED!

I pretty much KNOW this piece would have moved at least SOME of the 1746 readers…(even with taste, opinion and probabilities ALL taken into account here)

Yet just TWO of the ‘evoked/provoked/poked’ decided to voice this!

I conclude…

I’m new here and learning that…

You Bloggers are often QUIET little buggers of mass appreciation aren’t you? 🙂

I conclude conclude..This is NOT an overt or covert ‘comment comment comment on me or anyone else’ entry 🙂 AT ALL. Just simply an expression of my surprise, now I have seen the EXTENT (1746/2) of the general silence of the readers, in this new realm I have entered!

Tis an interesting little ‘sub-culture’ phenomena of writing and reading I guess! I don’t think I ever told James Herbert he rocked, but then he didn’t give me a little ‘box of ease’ in which to tell him 🙂

Soooo I will continue to tell you if you roll me up, make me cry, touch me, inspire me, tickle my grey cells etc…cos I just can’t help it 🙂 Please feel free to ignore me and know i’ve left my opinion for just that… I’m a talkative lass and I like to spill if poked…

2 responses

  1. Well being dawn one brain :), regardless of ze bloggers intent, I just thought as the entry was particularly spangly, there would have been more people who felt compelled to say something far bigger than ‘I like this’, but hey ho :), we learn…tis a new experience. True true on the forum idea, I reckon lots of peeps would have commented. You’ve now made me think ain’t it interesting how people take something in and then, say what they think or don’t, depending on where they are! It intrigues :)….
    P.s. My Account, Dashboard, site stats, it shows ya your views, and pretend spam pooey views too 😦 I dont know how he displayed it though, never seen it on view before on someones page, hence my thought track and subsequent entry.. which lol, now has a comment attached, check oooot the irony

  2. There are comments and then there are comments. But then again, it is dependant on whether the blogger is writing for the sake of feedback or purely for teh sake of expression. If the former is the case, then would it not be better to get 2 decent comments rather than hundreds of empty ‘I like this’ type responses.

    In the quest to express, I don’t think you can beat a blog but in a quest to obtain feedback, then perhaps a forum may be a better guise. The very same post in one may have no responses but thousands in another, but then again, it’s all about knowing your audience.

    By the by, how can you check how often something has been read?