WARNING!! ‘Stranger Danger’…Ping, Bing, AVG?…Nooooooo…GOOGLE!:)


Oh the PITFALLS!!! of the inaccuracy of pooey search engines such as AVG or BING or PING!! Or whatever the latest inadequate ‘cyber librarian’ is currently called, as she/he attacks our ‘home pages’ by magic! Masquerading as helpful and stealing space on our bars!

This is the source of my current chortling (muchly) :), as I have just looked in my dashboard and under…

‘Search Engine Terms’

Some poor soul woke up this morning and typed in ‘Frustrated In Love’ in BING, PING, or AVG yada yada yada, and the stooooooooopid engine sent them to my utterly utterly unrelated advice (and bare link, even in the Internets loooooose terms :))

My post was Entitled

A ‘Slightly Frustrated’ yet ‘Joyous Muse on the TIMING of ‘Re-call’

Upon checking my title for the purpose of this spillage, the pooey Librarian has induced chuckle 2, as I realise the EXTENT of the non linkage :)…So that would JUST be ‘frustrated’ then!!. ONE WORD from me, but what a vast wide-reaching ‘term’ for the net to find related articles for…FRUSTRATION!

I know the poor person was probably feeling pooey, and I shouldn’t chuckle, but my chuckles are for the ironic disappointment which must have landed on her/his face as he clicked on my utterly irrelevant drivvle!

Avoid the ‘Stranger Danger’ and use Google Peeps!! They are loaded for a reason :)…

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