Indecisive Self Doubter? Need help? Or are we simply OK but ‘Really Confused’?;//

Born Confused

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For those of you that are indecisive AND also ‘self doubters’…you may have been told this is linked to your self-esteem by some psychologist or councillor or friend or pundit…

I’m wondering….Are the reasons listed (below), in fact WHY some of us are ‘indecisive doubters’? Are you all or some of these things too? And how many of you I wonder? I know a few indecisive/self doubting people already, just from the tiny tiny tiny chunk of the world I reside in! The link between doubt/indecision and self-esteem is one I’ve heard many people make. I believe this link MAY be a little presumptuous and here is why!

I’m indecisive in everything I do, from choosing what to eat for dinner, to what career route I should pursue…I think this is a ‘trait’ of mine WITHOUT much explanation needed, it’s simply part of my ‘make up’. I think this about it, as ‘indecision’ permeates my EVERY twist and turn, biggest to smallest turns. It also makes me ‘bloody slow’… a lot ;//.

Now for the doubt bit…I am always filled with ‘self-doubt’ over almost every decision I make :(, and I believe this DOES have an explanation…now you (and logic) might say this is the route cause of being indecisive (and then label me as someone with low self-esteem). But I’m suggesting that however we ‘feel’ about ourselves is a separate issue here. I believe I am filled with self doubt, because, and ONLY because I am SIMPLY bleeding confused, and I am confused ONLY because of the following:-

I am…

  1. Slightly Impressionable
  2. Open Minded to ridigalious lengths.  Naive or wisdom filled lengths??… cos who knows!! if you get me!
  3. Changeable
  4. Massively Intuitive
  5. An Empath (ouch mostly for that one! Thanks!)
  6. Massively BUT only ‘Periodically Paranoid’
  7. Fairly bright
  8. Sometimes utterly stupid
  9. I somehow missed lots of ‘Life Lessons’ in ‘What to do when….’. I was Too busy ‘thinking’ about tripe probably and perhaps ‘being’ naughty again, when I should have been ‘listening’! Or ‘watching’! Or doing ‘something’ :)!
  10.  To some…Strange/Odd
  11. A Believer of some things
  12. A Seeker of knowledge

Are you…Is everyone to a degree all of these things? If so…Are we all just as confused as each other, and just acting on it at different rates and scales?

If you are 2. alone, (Open minded) then there are pretty much proven theories that blow proven theories out of the water, on EVERY phenomena in life…EVERY SINGLE ONE…for EVERY SINGLE THING!

I conclude…It’s no wonder I’m confused…this is what makes me sooooo bloody slow when trying to decide what to do.

Final wonder…Just how many humans ALL possess traits 1 – 12???!

Are you all as confused as me??? Regardless of whether you perceive yourself as a ‘Cheryl Cole and Einstein ‘love child’ type…Or…a ‘Wayne Rooney and Susan Boyle’ 😉 styleeee ‘off-spring’!…

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