Thankyou for the ‘Advice’, You ALL changed my Life…:) Through ‘Disaster/Irritation Aversion Sharing’


I love that as you ‘travel along life’s meandering path’, every now and then people give you tips or snippets of wisdom, that really do enrich your life in some way or another. From the smallest treats that provide convenience, or solutions to mini disasters; through to grandiose life changing ‘droplets of advice’! Here are a few of the things that I have received, most gratefully 🙂 from some people who have passed along my path…

1. Eastern wisdom snippet from a dear friend – Watch your thoughts, because your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your traits, your traits shape your character, and your character shapes your destiny!!! If this seems vague, here is an example I thought of, as I sat and pondered on the ‘type’ of thought people might wanna ‘watch’.

Random thought…‘Damn foreigners are nicking our jobs’ (yawn massivo)

Guy sits at home thinking how unfair it is that all the ‘damn foreigners are nicking our jobs’ (I must add, NOT my view, and also utter media bollox, in my humble opinion anyway;o…which is based on my current knowledge levels on the subject)…he is having racist thoughts. Then his friend comes round and he voices these views (his thoughts become his words). Then a chance to protest in his local area about the ‘damn foreigners’ comes up and he goes (his words become his actions). His thoughts are shared with this group so he naturally enjoys the camaraderie, he becomes a frequent protester. His thoughts/words and actions all accumulate and being racist becomes part of his very persona…

Guys gets to 60, he realises part of his character is that he is a racist man, he has spent many many hours of his life dedicated to feeding his ‘once passing thoughts’… grumbling muses turned to hateful insides. By not ‘watching’, his destiny became peppered with spending large amounts of time cherishing and relishing in resentment. I personally consider this a massive waste of the precious minutes we are delivered, so I now watch my thoughts…Thankyou

2. Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

I Loved the pretty P’s and they remind me of ‘Peter Piper Picked a Pick of Pickled Peppers yada yada yada’, and I love the amusement the phrase brings me, and the simple but fab wisdom there-in…This inspired the ‘birth of To-Do lists’ for Moi!

3. Spillage tip. I spilt a PINT of GUINNESS on a relatives WHITE carpet ://!! Ahhhhhhh Maaaaaaaaannnn ;/(((!!!!. She simply SLOWLY strolled to the airing cupboard, got the biggest towel out I’ve ever seen, then another the same size (folded). Calmly placed the towels over the entire stain (whilst I jumped up and down uselessly saying ‘OMG i’m soooo bloody sorry, shall I get the spray stuff?’) and she simply stamped on the general area for a good 2 minutes. She then lifted the towels and voila….WHITE CARPET …The Guinness was totally gone!!! Totally!! Genuis discovery for the carpets of Dawny for the past 10 years.

4. From the days when I used to smoke the vile, plastic and poo filled substance known as ‘soap bar’. Burning the swine used to bug the ‘living life outa me’ and my poor fingers! Not to mention the expense bill for lighter gas…then my dear friend told me to grate it on the tiny (garlic) side of my grater…I never looked back 🙂

5. From a dear old agony aunt when advising new partner ‘vettage’! Do not note how they treat you, watch how they treat EVERYONE else in their life. Because this will eventually be how they will treat you. Thanks again 🙂 this snippet was responsible for me averting several ass’s before we’d even begun!

6. If you have curly hair, DO NOT shampoo…Condition the living life out of it until it looks chip pan ish, then and only then, shampoo. My curls are finally curls, not dry, sideways pointing crazy strands!! Yay all day for that discovery 🙂

I hope this collection of some of my random tips I’ve just recalled, brings you the joy I got, when they were relayed to me one rainy summers day or another and another and another…

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