‘What goes Up’ must ‘Come Down’…The middle was easy to ‘Miss’ that day!!


Empty hearts and poisoned spaces,

Warped perceptions lead to crazy places,

So much more than ups and downs,

Obsessions, melt-downs, soul disabled,

Yet creativity and inspiration enabled,

Dark twisted thoughts entwine with the sublime,

In frightening quick time,

Slicing up with internal blades,

Tears, despair, fixations and rage,

Hysterics, laughter, dysphoria,

Every extreme in technicolour,

Up go the walls, out come the fists,

Welcome back the belief that everything is shit,

Never do you remember the extent of the despair,

Try to hold on,

No matter how bad it gets,

There’s always a lift around the corner,

Those days when life’s the best,

Excitement and beauty in the simplest creation,

Laughter and passion and love and elation,

Insightful, open, strong and deep,

While you weep,

Don’t let go of the fact that you’re special,

Not born to be average, destiny sensible,

Failing the extent of extremes,

I can think of worse ills, where one has no dreams….

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