EVERYONE should know this!

Corporate crime and government torture is rife! The damage and harm it causes, far dwarfs the harm caused in those familiar stories of crime we all HEAR so much about
2.2 million people DIED at work in 2010 in our world……directly due to, and related to their working environment. That would be a spot of ‘Mass Murder’ then!
Most of the kids in Bangladesh are blind cos companies dump toxic waste in their shores, even though the ‘Basel Convention’ made this illegal 6 years ago! CORPORATIONS AND GOVERNMENTS poison, murder, destroy and disable; and spend millions getting people in the know to RE-DEFINED/SHAPED them as more palatable events:
‘food poisoning’, ‘health and safety issues’, and ‘natural disasters’
Check CCA website for figures! Tis SHOCKING
Spread the word on the true nature and scale of crime in this world, and think twice before you judge someone for having a criminal record. Send them judgements upwards, as there is no understanding of crime without an understanding of power, and those at the top play the dirtiest of all
The swindlers of the ‘White Collar Destruction Derby’ are still running round the world getting away with this, and in your next life, you may come back as a little boy from Mumbai, and then you will wish working conditions were better ‘abroad’

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