Lets get all ‘Frenched Up’ – Wheel-clamp Stylee ;)

It was such a nice car too. Shame its owners a...

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When the French tried to bring in the use of wheel-clamps in a particular city (Pareeee me tinks), ALL the CITIZENS armed themselves with super glue, and every clamp they spotted, they filled the locks with glue 🙂 Within 2 weeks, all the clamping companies were out of business due to constantly shelling out for new clamps. Oh how I love the anti establishment ‘frenchies’ (and I can say this as I am of French decent, plus it’s said with luv…politically correct or not.

IMPORTANT point…..they ALL did it for EACH OTHER…Us Brits would probably just do it to our own clamp ;), and only if there was no CCTV about!…..SO A UNITED FRONT is essential!

As is a little bit of inbuilt or learnt rebellion !!!

Now I’m thinking…If the students and the mothers and the grannies and the singles and the unemployed all joined in EACH OTHERS demonstrations, by strength in numbers alone, we could seriously wooooop some political ass!

Once the mind set is achieved…The numbers are the ONLY essential piece to success and here is why. Cos for change to occur, you have to bring the country to its economic knees (money talks and all that), and the chaos caused by millions of people all descending to one place everyday would do this…..the roads would be gridlocked, services would grind to a halt, basically…the infrastructure of the country only needs to be shook so many times before they HAVE to lie down. We would only have to put ourselves out for a few weeks tops!

And all we would have to do is PEACEFULLY demonstrate!!!! JUST BE THERE!! Or try to get there :). That simple…and as it’s our human right to stand still (Thankyou Amnesty) there is little they could do if a mass protest a day was organised, they couldn’t police it……or army it!!! AS long as there is NO VIOLENCE it reckon it could work peeps…Afterall, it did in the Beveridge reforms! It worked with the wheel clamps in France! IT WORKS the world over!

Co-allition Schmo-allition!!! Swines!

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