‘Mis-communication’ is not just about ‘Words’…’It’s about Difference’


I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how we humans mis-communicate with each other, with such ease!! ;//. Should you wish to read part 1 of this thought train; I previously drivvvvled on about this subject, in an entry named ‘The Miscommunication of the Human Interaction’…

In summary, I covered the problematic multiple dictionary definitions of all words; the problems we run into when we assign multiple meanings to words; the ’problem people’ ;), who make up their own little unconventional meanings, to conventional words; the bloody problem of trying to hear peoples unsaid words, intentions, overall meaning etc; basically the problems we run into when just trying to SPEAK!…

Ohhhhhh….Problems Problems Problems Peeps!!!! ;(


Once we wade through the above, with all the other humans we encounter, we find some that actually understand us (or so we think at least ;)). And these communication issues are either lessened or eliminated, depending on the ‘chattage compatability’ of the 2+ humans involved. We generally choose these ones to communicate with on a regular basis as acquaintances, friends, lovers etc…and all is well


A situation arises, and the person/people who previously understood you, now don’t!!! Because they have different insides. Different insides actually re-morph language completely. You see, on top of the words we mis-use, we also only have a certain capacity to understand others, and I think it’s based on difference. Once we become tooooo different to the person we are trying to talk to, we can say the simplest thing, and it will still be perceived differently to how it was intended.

If you are a thief, you will automatically assume the missing item has been stolen

If you are not a thief, you will automatically presume the missing item is lost until otherwise suggested/suspected

If you are bad, you will find malice where there was none given

If you are good, you will fail to understand how those with malice think you meant that!

I’ll say ‘I love mash’, and you will say ‘No, I’m not paying a grand for that battered Trampoline Terry’;//

But, and THANK ZE LORD, (and Betty) there are those humans that not only understand each other, they also have similar personalities traits, they think along the same lines, they grew up with the same words, they are both good, or both bad, they perceive things the same way, they even think the same…It’s these ones that have the same insides AND languages. The differences are so minimal it’s scary. And at these times, when words can finally be used and understood with such ease and pleasure, we SHUT UP :)!!

Because when you find the opposite of the mis-communication, for every mere 20 words uttered, you don’t need to SPEAK the 10000 words remaining. The mutual understanding just flows into both minds like galaxy down the gullet!

Mis-communication, and the joy of, ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh communication’ 😉 is not just about language, it is about difference and similarity of profound extents!

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  1. Yo Ollienov!! Ta muchly for your thoughts 🙂 it’s interesting that you and your sister have the ‘no words’ thingamee going on too, always good to know that i’m not the only one who sometimes ‘shuts up’ in order to be heard…you and your sis made me think of the part, where I said, they think the same, they grew up with the same words. I think you might be right on the simplicity, but some habits are hard to break 🙂 and I’ve been using my own little sub language for quite some-time! I’ll have to try and master that once i’ve de-clouded the mind (don’t hold your breath ;)). 1 is a sign from Betty, 111 is a big old sign from Betty, as well as just being a 1 and all that of course! Luv your apple muse ending, it got me thinking…more greatness I reckon! (based on diddaley squat tho)! But if it had landed on my head, gravity would be a made up word as at 2011! I’m an ‘Arts’ girl all the way, the ‘Sc’s’ just pickle my grey cells! Keep up the spangly work Plo! and get on the next one will ya luv ;O Dawny 🙂

  2. Interesting, I did the concept of eventually when you find those who understand you, words go right out of the window completely. I only realised in Late january that me and my sister have an entirely non-verbal language we’ve used to communicate for decades. Infact it feels more natural than when we talk sometimes. Life’s funny that way.

    ALthough the code breaker in me would like to believe, there is a core language cortex in all of us we can refer back to, once you’ve unclouded the mind, true simplicit without the interference of ignorance, comprehension or cognitive dissonance will ultimately reign.

    Then again, i come from a world of order, to believe anything less would make me…a big phoney….ha

    (although i would say the best way to stop miscommunication would be either to simply the language (i.e. the number 1, represents 1 unit and nothing else, very clear) or to provide and dish out and receive information purely as such and leave out interpretation. Then we humans generally like to grasp at straws and fill in the blanks, even if they aren’t any. like the scientific hypothesis.

    It’s funny how the driving point of technological development is based around the ability for one person to ‘interpret’ something they’ve witnessed and build on it. Who knows what could have happened if an apple fell on michealangelo and sir isaac newton had been working on relativity. Maybe more greatness, maybe less, who knows…

    thanks for your ealier comments by the by, stay mildly crazy…