Is the ‘Meaning of Life’ simply to make sure it’s ‘Meaningful’???


I guess at some point, we all wonder at least once…’What is the meaning of life’? Such a small collection of words, make for one enormous ‘ponder’. Just defining ‘life’ alone in this sentence, is ambiguous beyond reach of a conclusion me tinks ://. Who’s life? Each life? Our own? Life as existence? Life meaning a unified whole? The Universe? Who knows??!!!

So I don’t know what the meaning of life is…Maybe Maybe Maybe

Spiritually, it is to reach enlightenment?

Capitalists maybe think it’s about economic joy and heavy pockets

Morally, maybe it is to learn to be ‘good’. Should there ever be a unified concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ actions in ALL contexts (To murder on the street is considered heinous, to murder in a war, heroic!!)

How can there ever be one answer to this much asked question peeps??

But alas, all is not lost as whilst searching and failing to find a definitive answer, this thought came to me…

Maybe the question is a clue! ‘What is the meaning of life’? The clue in the sentence being that ‘life’, just has to be in some way MEANINGFUL! Maybe it’s that simple! The meaning of your life, and of mine; is to live as many of your minutes as possible doing things that are meaningful to YOU.

Technically…No-one has the right to moral/spiritual/religious/political/social high-ground do they? And as no 2 minds are the same, I find it hard to imagine just one ‘meaning for life’ that applies to ALL. But for every person to make their life MEANINGFUL in their way, as the main purpose of living IT…Well it seems to make sense to me!

So until I do or don’t find out what the ‘meaning’ is, I intend to keep on trying to make my actions ‘meaningful’. Then if I get to the end and I still have no definitive answer to this question, I know I’ll feel like I did my best not to waste it…

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