‘Displeasure’ leads to ‘Odd Pleasure’, then you ‘Sneeze, Yawn or Stretch’! Why??

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Mother Nature made the body and brain so swimmingly. When we’re proper peeeeeved from ‘really miniature disasters’ ;), we get sent a little double treat from her, for counter-balance. In the form(s) of 1. A type of odd pleasure found in ‘nothingness’…and 2. an added joyous reflex bodily action. Imagine these little scenarios below, and then once converted to the ‘Littlebeut333 displeasure/reflex action theory 😉 in the absence of the opportunity to practice ‘re-producing; or if you’re really wide awake and entertained (and therefore unlikely to yawn or stretch). Get the pepper out and sniff like a mo-fo til you feel the beginnings of that joyous tickle of a sneeze!

You’ve had this day…you so have!

You’ve been to the post office, stood in the ’12 people long’, rage inducing queue; waited for the lady with the strange shape butt to weigh and pay for 8 foooooooooooking parcels; you’ve already sat down in 5 different spots in between corporation visits, bad knees….you’ve been to the chemist and counted sheep to quell the rage for this queue; oh and now it’s raining and your 10 seconds away from watching the contents of your Superdrug bag roll down Windsor Road; you sit down again, damn knees. You put the key in the door, drop the bags on the doormat, de-shoe yourself with your feet, whilst you take off your dripping coat, peel off your ‘wet to the knees’ jeans. In summary, you’re feeling all ‘displeasured up’!

And then you stop…

And for some reason you sneeze!

The end point of displeasure in itself (stopping/nothing-ness), leads to a feeling of pleasure. And then, mother nature makes you sneeze, to reinforce the joy of this TYPE of pleasure. (That is, ONLY joy derived from the END of miniature disasters ;)) (are you still with me, as i’m not sure I am?)… Anyway, lets be off to sneeze land for a second…The little tickle, the build up, the apprehension, will it reach fulfilment?? or will my 8th of an orgasm run away at the last attempt to catch my breath??, the mouth opens, i’m panting…will it come?? The receptors wake up with surety as the AHHHHH bit leaves the throat, oooo the feeling when your whole body realises it’s NOT a non starter… and then SHA BAM!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Oh how I LOVE sneezing!

Then this bleeding day comes to us all…

You’ve been to the bank, there were 12 in there too, you went out for fag and sat in the marble hall entrance, waiting for the queue to disappear. You went back in, and there were 17! You counted to 60 five times and to 37 once, then the boy with the lovely teeth sorted out your new card! You’ve been to QD and bought the 6 giant clip frames that ‘Sorry, we int got no bags big enough for them ones’ (well get some then ;//!!). You sit down again, damn knees…Oh and now it’s boiling, and you put on a scarf and three layers this morning when you left the house, and you’re trying to get at least 2 layers off, frames firmly underarm… You drop 1 of 6 said frames, glass everywhere, for fooooooks sake! If you’d wanted 5 you’d have bought 5! You’re proper tired now and all ‘dis-pleasured’ up!

And then you stop…

You yawn AND stretch!

Once again, the end point of displeasure itself, leads to the discovery of pleasure, from stopping/nothing-ness! The yawns and stretches, like the sneezes; are sent to simply reinforce the joy of the pleasure we derive, from the end of displeasure ;)… The overwhelming feeling of tiredness, then the deepest breath starts to enter you, if it’s a big one, if you’re really lucky, your mouth opens and the little amazing in/out breath phenomena hits you 3 4 5 times…then just when you thought you couldn’t feel a better injection, your back begins to arch involuntarily; for some reason, your arms move into ‘body-builder posing shapes’ all on their own and then up they go, like magic!… out go the fingers, positioned ready for webbing. Yawning makes me smile :)…I Love Love Love stretching

My point ere is…We need to re-produce so mother nature made ‘the re-producing process’ enjoyable right?. We also need to sneeze, yawn and stretch in order to survive for some strange reason. So Mother nature also made these things pleasurable. The pattern I seem to have noticed though, is that these particular bodily sensations seem to be ‘sent to us’, ONLY when we are experiencing one particular TYPE of pleasure. And you must know what that is by now 😉 (The pleasure we derive, simply from the END of displeasure)

If up until now you have somehow missed the joys of sneezing, yawning and stretching, please do two things. A) believe that this drivvvvle may be true, because, we do generally yawn, stretch, and sneeze when we are tired, bored or poorly. And these feelings are mainly associated with displeasure. And B) Next time you do one of these things, notice the yumminess of the entire process and your displeasure levels, pre yawn/stretch/sneeze, and then you’ll definitely know I’m a genius ;//. To the unconverted, these simple bodily functions really do rock! Please take note of their deliveries and be thankful for the ickle things in life :)…

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