When you truly ‘Love’, A whole new ‘Word’ is Needed…

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The word ‘LOVE’ holds heavy connotations right?! It’s not a word to be used lightly; Love is 1, of a very select few, ‘universal happenings’, which can be found in EVERY single culture, corner and cubby-hole of the world. You can say ‘I love you’ in every language!

Yet when you fall so deeply in love you cannot see straight, think straight or function straight; finally using the word ‘love’ to describe what you are experiencing, is at best, utterly inadequate, and at worst, totally inaccurate…

When we’re not ‘In- Love’, the word love itself, and also the concept of love, is enormous yet understood. To love someone is apparently everything. People go around claiming they live for it, they would die for it, they indeed, do all sorts of crazy shit for it! Love is a universal, globally understood concept, and its ‘meaning’ is even entrenched into the souls of those people, who are incapable of ever feeling or knowing it.

When you’re really ‘In-love’ though, and I mean the ‘love’ where two souls actually merge and a profound connection is found…Mind invading, heart controlling, psyche spinning, brain disorienting, crazy ass, joyous, addictive ‘love’. When you’re finally there…The words ‘I love you’, just do-not even begin to describe what is going on inside you…

It’s a word which holds unambiguous ‘meaning’ to us all; ONLY whilst we’re living outside of ‘love’. But when you’re living INSIDE love, its traditional ‘attached’ meaning, becomes almost defunct, as well as crass, and just laughable really. It’s simply not enough

I believe at minimum, every aspect of the following list needs fulfilling, to be truly ‘In-Love’ with someone…

I Admire you

I Respect you

I Aspire to be like you

I’m in Awe of you

I Adore you

I Trust you

I Am, and Will Be, forever loyal to you

I am Happy

I Understand you

I am Here for you always

I’m Connected to you

I Laugh with you

I Laugh at you

I Long for you

I Desire you

I Miss you

I Care for you

I am Intimate with you

I am Vulnerable for you

I can’t Believe anyone let you go

I am Inside your soul

I would do Anything for you

I Accept every piece of you

I Love your faults

I will Protect you

IF the TRUE pure love of another human, is to feel ALL of these things; surely any ONE word portrayal is gonna be un-comprehensive to say the least. ‘Love’ as a description is inadequate, because it belongs with the list, as an addition, or an explanantion; but not as a replacement. In essence, the word ‘love’ is just either a ‘summary’, or an ‘introduction’, to the above reality.

So maybe we all need to say

‘I Love you’ BECAUSE…I Adore you, I Trust you, I Admire you, I long for you, I…


I adore you, I trust you, I admire you, I long for you, I… and it’s BECAUSE of this ‘I love you’.

3 responses

  1. Hmmm I certainly do, the list is the summary of the reality of truly being in love. Both listless love and forbidden love are forms of love but I don’t believe they are true representatons of being in love with someone for who they are. List love, is the only love that has a chance at lasting, the other two are pre learning loves,with definite end points, to send us on the right track, to find, a plus b, plus the list. Then you’re in love!!! 😉

  2. Ha, you believe in list love.

    How about listless love? A feeling with no reason attached. an effect with an unknown cause? Nature’s ultimate trump card over logic and reason. Good ol fashion chaotic love?

    or even worse, forbidden love, with a list of reasons against why you should? also known as anti-love? One would say even more potent in the hands of those whom are rebellious?