Oh ‘Please say Yes’ Krista…’Pretty Please with Knobs On’ :)

pink blossoming tree

Image by l r via Flickr

Oh Christ! As I consume copious amounts of Baileys and tweed, I am doing a bad job of halting the butterflies. An entire new chapter of my life might begin tomorrow, a scary, big chapter of change.. or it will stay exactly the same. I can’t remember the last time I was in a life changing/or not…position, of this personal magnitude. Nor can I remember the last time I was in such a position, and the decision was totally in the hands of another ://

If she says yes, my world will be upside down for a long time!

If she says no, my heart is gonna sink for a while, but my world will remain the right way up and far calmer…

I don’t even know if I’m trying to do the right thing, or why i’m doing it. But I can’t stop seeing us there none the less…

I never know if i’m doing the right thing; I leave a lot to signs! So when I saw that tree, the most beautiful pink blossom tree I’ve ever seen, I was more than a little side tracked, the rest of the place is a distant memory…Why the tree that means the most to me? Of all the trees, pink blossoms are the only ones that are part of me. Old school me, right through to current me…

Why did she answer the phone to me? Why does it feel so perfect, amongst its overwhelming plethora of visible imperfections? WHY oh WHY a pink blossom?

The timing is all wrong but sometimes, when the thing is so right, you have to forget the timing, and the damage, and the stress, and look ahead. Us meandering out to the blossom tree, in two years time 🙂 You’ll smile, as you see me walking through the then pretty hallway to my tree…sittin sippin gin, next to our strawberry men on the ledge

🙂 God I have just realised that as I await her call, in spite of the timing, the stress, the damage, I have never wanted someone to say yes so much…except for the night of Cafe Karma 😉

I’m not a dreamer normally at all, i’m a slightly insane realist 🙂 but no matter how hard I try, I cannot put away the pictures that keep forming in my mind. What is going on??? I don’t get pictures normally, I can’t see them, I have no minds eye…but pictures I’m getting, pictures of a dream that someone sent me to…

Say yes Say yes Say yes!! Pretty please…

I think all I could ever need or wish for, for quite sometime, could happily bob around at number 74…Peace, perfection, sanctuary…My Onion, Me, My Boys and THAT Tree…

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  1. Ahhh Ingers, your comments brighten my day chook 😉 i’m so chuffed that you love my blog, as you said, it spurs the soul on when a reader gets your squit! I agree that we definately think along the same lines and it’s fab reading your takes, I hope life gets less hectic soon so you can keep up the spandangly work 🙂 Dawny

  2. Watcha Dawny, (excuse the previous ‘ie’ at the end of your moniker, lazy writing, ie/eg ergo, whatever!) Yeah my interweb presence is sporadic due to real world nonsense, like most people I guess. Love your blog. It’s a source of constant a/bemusement and entertainment laced with exceedingly accurate and (as surgical as mine) insight. Anyway, I’m off to comment on your latest post which has provoked similar thoughts of my own.

    Great stuff! Ingers.

  3. Ingrebourne 😉 you’re back 🙂 I’ve missed your surgeons eye ob’s…thank-you for your comment, glad you enjoyed, oh and it has been said that I’m a tad deranged before 😉 keep at it too…Dawny