The ‘Equation of Love’ – a + b + ? = ‘Love’


The equation of love

a + b + ? = love

a = the x factor piece of the interaction from inside ‘person 1’. The ‘thing’ that separates the special yummy naughty fit compatible ones that you don’t think about from one day to the next; from the special yummy naughty fit compatible ones that you are unable to remove from your brain 24/7. So a = the undefinable x factor feeling which can only be explained as far more than attraction; the moments where some kind of connection is forming…

b = reciprocation of the x factor from ‘person 2’ (without b, can love really grow? As without b, there is no joint connection; can love live here???? Do you believe unrequited love is a form of true love, or a feeling that doesn’t quite reach the heady heights of that 4 letter word?

? = list love – a million reasons why you love the person, such as admiration of their character, love of their sense of humour, respect etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc…

Or ? = forbidden love – probably far less than a million reasons why you love, maybe danger, maybe journeys of self, excitement, rebellion etc etc etc etc etc etc

Or ? = listless love – the feeling…no reasons you can even put your finger on…not one etc…

Are any of these ‘loves’ less than each other? Can anyone know the intensity or purity of the love found? whether it’s forbidden, list filled or listless love..I think not

But the question is this? Not which one is most real, but which has the most capacity for longevity?

– A million reasons based on the unchanging pieces of the insides of another?

– Less than a million reasons which are probably likely to change?

– No definable reasons at all?

And maybe the answer is, it all depends on the insides of ‘person 1’ and ‘person 2’. What makes a + b + ? = love, depends on what is it that keeps THEM loving day after day after day. Sometimes, true love is based on nothing, which makes it everything. Sometimes true love is based on the changeable, yet it can remain long after the changes have been and gone. Sometimes true love is based on the definable.

What type of person are you??? Do you personally need b, as well as a? Is lasting love for you…the everything of nothing kinda love; the listless kind; or the highly definable reason filled type?

What brings love to life for you? What style ? makes it last for you I wonder?

2 responses

  1. Interesting take Plo, thank you muchly for your opinions :)I think the last 2 paragraphs of your response and the last line are wisdom filled, and quite possibly correct 😉 Dawny

  2. Personally I don’t think you need to love to be in love.

    I mean if you take listlove love for example, technically it doesn’t really need part b and can be unrequited quite easily. In some cases it may not even need part a as it is presented in the text.

    You just LOVE them, even you are completely repulsed by everything they stand for and can spend a lifetime quantifying how you should hate them, it simply doesn’t happen.

    As for longevity…I think it’s lifelong courtship. Always discovering things about them and never taking each other for granted. Always wanting to bring in these characters into conversations and simply talk about them and with them and having that lil sigh and feeling of emptiness when they leave.

    On a more basic outlook, if you simply look at your life on a linear scale and see your life with them being significantly better with them than without, than you are likely to stay put (but that’s not to say some future being may not make your life feel even better).

    I think love is a constant and you can only admit to being in love one day at a time, it is an experience you live in the moment in, just like any other emotion. Planning to be in love forever is as futile as trying to escape death or planning ways to not be miserable.

    I think it is those who live it and cease its days daily and therefore never take it for granted that are the ones who manage to have it occupy their lives for the longest durations.

    oh and also those who passionately kiss still…