Oh Bloody Hell ‘Krista’…Wrong Answer :(


As I sit and type, post baileys and tweed, I am pensive, and a tiny bit blue…She said NO ://

No blossom tree for me,
No avenue to drive down to my desired sanctuary 😦


It’s always best to have a back up plan for life’s disappointments

House exchange plan b breakdown…

A) Pre prepare for NO before it comes, it ALWAYS softens the blow
B) Believe in Fate and then it complete removes the urge to chant ‘It’s not fair’ and ‘Why oh why?’
C) Call ‘Mr Tile Man’/’Mr Paint Man’/’Mr Garden Man’…in order to make the briefly undesired, look all desirable again 🙂
D) Log in to EBay and purchase the tiny things that will fit on the ickle balcony you still have, whilst deleting all large, painful for the soul items, that were ready to live under MY, wooooooops, I mean HER beautiful pink tree, which she hates btw!!! Ohhhhh the injustice people! 😉
E) Be thankful for all you already had, pre ‘blossom-gate’.

Wench! 😉 Fancy saying bloody NO!

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