My Friends, My Loves, My ‘Onion Lovin’ Trainers

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I think it’s safe to say that the ‘old romantic kinda love’ is somewhat confusing, and a bit of an enigma to us all…

But take true friendship, roll it around in the brain for a bit, and you have all you need to know about what love is. Where its beauty lies, its darkness sits, but mostly; the why, when, how, who and what; of the magic and purity of love…

At the beginning of every year, one of my favourite things to note is the remaining presence of my best friends in my life. I could tell you the stories of why each and every one epitomises love separately, but there is no need as the history of our love follows the same pattern, the pattern of friendship.

We met, we found something in each other that begun the desire to ‘hang out’ together. The ‘somethings’ first found, ranged from laughter, talking, forgetting, remembering, sharing, comforting, advising, playing…together. No pheromones, no loins, just a connection of two people, for who they were. I think there is something pure about that…

Then life came and played its part, as this love was forming. Celebrations, commiserations, heartbreak, job losses, graduations, illnesses..Changes flowed in and out of each others lives and we were still ‘hanging out’…so we started being there through the good and the bad, we started living each others highs and lows; and somewhere along the way, sharing the highs with you all became the first thing I  thought about when they hit! And still do now :)…and in the dark times, playmates turned to the greatest ‘rocks and pillows’ simultaneously, when the chips were down.

Then, as you may know, in all true friendship, comes the beautiful journey of the ‘discovery of each others faults’. Just like the ‘romantic kinda love’, when you start to know someone, you find yourself bugged by some of their faults (as they are yours ;)). A simplistic example could be the friend that is always 2.5 hours late for everything ;). In year one, it bugs you, in year two, it drives you bleeding mad ;/… But then by about year four, you’ve simply accepted it and jigged your life plans accordingly…but but but…one January, you’re sitting thinking about said friend, and you realise you actually think it’s cute that they’re 2.5 hours late all the bloody time; cos that’s one of the mysteries of love, it re-shapes perceived ‘faults’ into endearing traits.

I can honestly say that every one of my best friends has at many points, saved me, as I have them. They have held my broken heart in their hands, and kept me safe through the many dramas of Dawny. The loyalty that lies between us, the memories of our friendships and the ‘somethings’ we have seen each other through, never cease to amaze or humble me. What is all that, if not true love?

You made it safe to be vulnerable, to trust, to fear, to hurt, to recover, to grow, to accept, to love…

Trissus, Pragatan, Dootson, Vine, Sim-Bob, and Booba, having you and being there for you, has taught me the true meaning of

For better or for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
Til death do us part.

No words can sum up what you have done and continue to do for me, just simply by being blessed with your presence in my life, and our ongoing desire to ‘hang out’. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. On top of all that, through our journeys of together-ness, you made it possible for me to love my perfect onion when he finally came along. To love him the same way…the right way…the true way…our way. Always there…

For better or for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
Til death do us part.


2 responses

  1. Vine Vine Vine, thankyou muchly for your complimentoes on my posts, i’m glad you like them ;0. I hope at least some people relate to my random spillages! I re-iterate… Love always to you too my amazing buddy/hubby 😉 Thankyou for everything…

  2. Babe, this is Lovely, Touching and True. You are 1 in 7 Billion and you always will be. Your posts are brilliant and i’m sure will make people chuckle and look back in reflection as they see things in your writing that will apply to them. To quote X-Files…. “We are not alone!”
    Love always, Vine. xXx