YOU WANTED. :)…’Census of the MIND 2011′

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The Census…the mini book we all filled out like good little citizens, just a few weeks ago. Now we all know that the information the government holds on us all is truly vast, from the sites we click on, to where we shop and what hand we wipe our ass with! They certainly know how many people live in what house and who works. It makes me wonder why they now wanna know who I had round my house for a visit on the 27th March sooooooo badly! Erm….firstly…’What in gods name has it gotta do with you???’ Secondly…NOSY bastards! ://! And thirdly…Do we get to know which dirty politician was being visited by his ‘upper-class, dodgy, think tank mate’ for a backhander on the 27th??? Me thinks not! So under the guise of ‘demographics planning’, they have spent 18 billion or so, just to find out ONE piece of previously unknown information about us…

Who was round yours on the 27th of March??? I repeat WHY????

This may seem like a reasonable question to some, to me, it feels like big brother is starting to take ze piss!

So in these times of knowing everything about everyone, I thought we could try and actually really know something about at least someone. Something real, not about where you work or who you live with, but who you are!

So I offer up this blog for you to add a random thought of yours as a

‘Census of the MIND, 2011 UK’ 🙂

A snapshot of who we really were in 2011, inside!!!!

Anything goes, from ‘What I wouldn’t give for cheese on toast right now, isn’t worth mentioning’ … To … ‘I wish the war in Afghanistan would end’…To…’I’m gonna rip my hair out if he doesn’t stop crying’….All it has to be is Human, as an anti reaction to the inhumane prying of The Governments of today…

Just ONE thought from YOUR mind. ‘They’ don’t wanna know US and never will, they just wanna know what we’re up to. So maybe we should try and know each other instead?

Pretty please leave a droplet from your mind, in the wee comments box below, should you wish to participate :)…

Many thanks 😉

And to the boys and girls behind the prying ‘                         ‘ ;)…

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  2. Ingers…Oh how I chuckled when I read this 🙂 I do love your humour! and i’m sure sedition would be on the cards, after just 2 or so, ‘spandangly beverages’! And in response to who cares… i’m sure we’d both love being cell rebels for the night a little too much ;/…Gotta agree that a) Insanity is indeed beautiful and b) Its also my ‘idea’ and ‘idealistic’ view on the true nature of sanity! (that you are only sane if you are insane!) Take care fellow philosopher of very similar views! Dawny 🙂

  3. Nov Pleut, thankyou muchly for my ‘good topic’ comment, I appreciate it muchly!. Now what a fab and totally ‘2011 relevant issue’ for this ere mind census! Love it! Your humourous yet tragic comment about the 15 year tweet was exactly that, entirely humourous yet truly tragic; and probably round the corner. You only have to look at the woman who was tweeting that her son was drowning BEFORE ‘the save operation’! Technology is the devil, and a work of the greek gods! Or perhaps Japan and its mates ;)… But not everyone has lost the balls or the dignity to organise a face to face meet… and you could argue that since the birth of texting etc, people also use technology to constantly get closer to others in a way that wasn’t possible before! Who knows what way it will go ay? ;// Thanks for leaving your droplet Nov…Dawny 🙂

  4. Yes Dawny,

    How pleasant that would be. (Although there’s the real chance we’d get locked up for sedition, or some such like, but hey, who cares?) I rather think our crisp-based and beverage-infused interchange would be quite beautifully insane. Which is my idea of sanity, natch.


  5. I’ll bite, good topic.

    What ever happened to common etiquette, and sorting out issues face to face. I suppose the majority of people have become scared of confrontation and ultimately mean they can now hide behind their opinions and feelings, with teh growing batch of technology. While technology brings us closer together, apparently it can take us further apart. I mean how long is it going to be till people start telling their partners of 15 years that they are leaving them via a tweet? The ability for people to stand by their convictions has gone. All technology does provide is a tool to realise there are actually a lot of people with ‘strange’ POVs out there (via a voyueristic telescope) and also realise YOU are NOT ALONE (via a yellow homing iron beacon and a massive magnet). It doesn’t however excuse or substitute common courtesy or etiquette. meh…

  6. Ingers Ingers Ingers…What an utterly luscious snippet from your mind. Took me many places….I ended on the thought that i’d love to have a beverage with you in that pub one day, with the fire on our backs… sharing some salt and vinegar crisps whilst putting the world to rights, surgical styleee 🙂 Dawny

  7. Hi Kidhybrid, thanks muchly for leaving your droplet 🙂 and for reading…it’s a scary thought track ay? I guess we’ll never get the answers but it doesn’t stop the wondering? Dawny

  8. Dawny,


    Antithetical anti-census antipathy. Beautiful. Here’s my ten cents’ worth. My ‘Census of the Mind 2011’ thought is as follows:

    ‘I really like the way the sun sets and how darkness starts to seep into the 1950s brickwork of the General Post Office of my town, as seen from the window of my favourite drinking establishment, with the feel of a wood fire on my back and the sound of a party of lawyers, of whom one is leaving to join a better practice while speaking earnestly about such a life-style without managing to be obnoxious, while two of the women within it exhibit deep personal sadness and loneliness dressed up as ‘joie de vivre’, while I think about my own history of consuming salt and vinegar crisps over the decades and wondering if this has ever had any relevance on my own particular ‘life path’.