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A ‘Hand’ is Everything, and only a commodity for the ‘Wisest Travellers’


Right hand

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When you climb a cliff, there are always several edges on the way up,

But the top is typically the point we aim to reach,

The top is where things look most amazing,

The higher we go, the more it takes our breath away,

So we can’t help but keep trying to get to that point,

Compared to the bottom, compared to the middle, the top is always ‘most’,

The greatest climb, the ultimate destination, it is heady, it is exciting, but you cannot have the top without the danger of the edge, Read the rest of this entry

‘Life is a Stage and We are the Actors’…Go learn your lines ‘Chameleons’!!


Stage Idol

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”Goffman’ is one of my favourite ever ‘social thinkers’; he mustered up a whole host of  interesting/intriguing and insightful theories on us humans in his time. This particularly beautiful little theory of his, which I’m gonna attempt to delve into, is explained fully in his book ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’.

He had a magic all of his own, a magic you seldom see in the worlds of ‘Academia and/or Science’. His dry old cronies produced papers with ‘similarly genius content’, but as reading scientific journal papers is kinda similar to pulling your own teeth out, via a japanese instruction manual;  sadly most knowledge in them, stays within a pretty small community, within an even smaller community.

But ‘Goffman’ used a mixture of clever yet simplistic metaphors and ‘almost’ poetic descriptions to explain the complex ways of society; Read the rest of this entry

Drivvle/whine about…’Writers Block/Lifers Block’


overcoming writer's block - crumpled paper on ...

My emotions continue to leave me baffled, no matter how much time I take tending to their understanding!

Some-one clearly tipped me upside down in my sleep on Sunday night, and shook everything right out of me…The little Mo-Fo!

I have cultivated quite a phenomenal ‘Get Happy’ list over the years, and as I sit staring at it, not one thing on it is filling me with anything but indifference. I’m wondering if the pooey list is even mine…

My favourite films sit in front of me, but I don’t want to watch any of them, as someone has stolen my laughter. I feel like I’m betraying ‘them’, when they don’t do their job.

I can’t write, because I can’t feel any of the emotions that drive me to recall or think… Read the rest of this entry

She is a ‘Soldier at War’…


She is blind, but she has no dog to walk her to the other side of the road,

She has her hands on the wheel, but all her senses are with Nina,

She tries to walk but her legs want more, so she has no choice but to run…

She does not need to eat, whilst her stomach weeps,

She no longer needs to sleep, Read the rest of this entry

How How How do ‘Born Liars’ Do it???


Liar, Liar (song)

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Me and my onion were having a game of ‘Rummy’a few weeks ago, and during this innocent game of cards, I learnt a few semi-disturbing things about myself ;/, via his ‘oh so observant eye’!

1. When I talk I apparently ‘boing around’ quite a lot, and this ‘boinging’ evidently extends to my hands

2. I talk a lot when I’m playing cards

3. My ever moving hands inadvertently flick the wrong side of my ‘cards’ outwards, for a 360 degree full room viewing, every 15 seconds or so!

So anyway, game 3 rolls around, and as far as I’m aware, all is well in the ‘card camp’, and as he placed a 3 of diamonds on the tray, he said… Read the rest of this entry

‘Contradictions’ of a Common Kind?…


I have to do it all, but I need to do nothing,

I am empty.

I am over flowing,

I long for your touch, continuously, but I require solitude for sanity,

I re-run the same naïve mistakes, yet as stupidity repeats, my wisdom increases… Read the rest of this entry

‘It takes 7 Seconds to Fall in Love’… Does it???!!


Kissing Black-tailed Prairie Dogs (Cynomys lud...

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Apparently it takes 7 seconds to fall in love!

What a load of old tripe ;//!

Love takes time doesn’t it?

Friends, Family, Extended Family, Lovers,Wives,Husbands,Boyfriends/Girlfriends … all included…

It takes years to love our true friends,

It takes years to love certain members of our blood family ;), but love them eventually we do,

It takes far longer than 7 seconds to love a new ‘step’ family member, but eventually we sometimes love them too,

The Love Train –

Familiarity comes first, then unique, though sometimes strange bonds/connections are formed; we learn about each other and find areas of intolerance, tolerance, acceptance, and appreciation. Read the rest of this entry

‘When oh when’ did Money, ‘Labels’ and Fame make us all Soooo Invisible?



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I am (arguably ;)) a writer, but society does not recognise me as one, because I am in the ‘unpaid writers club’…

I am a chef, but society no longer labels me as such, because presently, I only cook at home…

I was a book-keeper in 2001, now I just have a book-keeping qualification on a piece of paper, but I’m not a book-keeper anymore am I???

I am a song writer, but apparently, success evades me, because my songs are unheard of by the masses…

I am a helpful friend, but society no longer recognises me as one. As I am not an ‘employed’ advocate now…

I am a Green Coat, but society no longer…

I am a Bar Maid, but society no…

I am a Waitress, but society…

I am a Landlady, but… Read the rest of this entry

When Scorpio does Scorpio…;)


The compatibility (both platonic and lust filled) between people, based on their star sign, is something that I find eternally fascinating. Now I know many people believe Derren Browns’ take on astrology, that it is basically a load of old twaddle. But I firmly believe, from experience, that these astrologers have a point or two or 735! The moon controls the tides right? We humans are almost completely made up of water. Is it so bizarre to imagine that planets (the moon and all the others) also control us ‘watery things’ to some extent? Pluto apparently controls me and it’s the planet of drama! Need I say more ;0! Read the rest of this entry

‘Disabled’? or ‘Simply Humanly Inconsistent?…


Can a wildly ‘varying’ capability ever be logically defined as a ‘fixed’ disability?
Perhaps the enabling sometimes turns to the disabling?
Perhaps not…perhaps disabled is the wrong term.

Some days, she is more enabled than many,
Productivity shoots through the roof, when her internal amphetamine switch goes click. She’s on over-drive all day and night, for a week, for two, for months… Read the rest of this entry

Think before you Jump on the ‘Blame Train’


Train to Narvik approaches Uppsala C

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‘The Irish’ became ‘The Youth’ became ‘The Great Unwashed’ became ‘The Ethnic Minorities’ became ‘The Single Mothers’ became ‘The Immigrants’ became ‘The Unpaid’…

When the problems in a society are too vast and complex for fixing, and the leaders too corrupt to be exposed or corrected; a ‘group’ is blamed for the problems instead. This is a well known ‘cheeky little political tactic’, and it’s been in use for centuries. Read the rest of this entry

‘Princess Proncina’s’ Many Gifts to Moi :)


Princess Proncina, she received this little nickname for a couple of reasons. 1. She has a regal like tone to her voice when she barks orders from the best armchair in the world 😉 and 2. She also looks like a princess when she sleeps; her little welsh royal head all poised even in slumber! Oh how we chuckled at that cute sight 🙂 God I miss her…She and we are many many things, fellow Scorpio’s…she also happens to be an almost exact copy of myself 16 years ago. When we stand in front of each other, a mirror image stares back both ways. Read the rest of this entry

‘Mothers’…the ‘Invisible, Vilified Heroes of Humanity’


Mother and baby

Of all the possible titles assigned to people in society, I personally believe the most commendable is the title of ‘Mother’. I respect and admire women who pro-create, far more than I respect judges or doctors or academics or social workers or teachers, or anyone else for that matter. I firmly believe that there is no harder job than that of ‘bringing up’ a whole nother human! I knew from a very young age that I was without doubt, incapable of ever giving so much of myself to another. Yet it seems most mothers; Read the rest of this entry

This time, it was just AFTER the ‘Manure Hit’, when ‘Perfect Moment 2’ arrived


OK so nothing was new that day. Us two were screaming at each other, just like we ended up doing most days of most weeks. This time she was leaving for the airport, and I was ordered to go back to the tent, unpack everything, re-pack all our stuff separately so she could get on a plane with the big bag. I stopped talking completely as soon as I started unpacking, through fear of making it worse. It was a strange 20 minutes. I had started to disappear a little from consciousness as I’d run out of energy, and any will to listen to the venom. She left in a blaze of glory and that was that… Read the rest of this entry