This time, it was just AFTER the ‘Manure Hit’, when ‘Perfect Moment 2’ arrived


OK so nothing was new that day. Us two were screaming at each other, just like we ended up doing most days of most weeks. This time she was leaving for the airport, and I was ordered to go back to the tent, unpack everything, re-pack all our stuff separately so she could get on a plane with the big bag. I stopped talking completely as soon as I started unpacking, through fear of making it worse. It was a strange 20 minutes. I had started to disappear a little from consciousness as I’d run out of energy, and any will to listen to the venom. She left in a blaze of glory and that was that…

As I walked to the main arena, I thought about the logistics and implications of being there on my own for the next 3 days. And about travelling home alone. My ‘Mrs practical pants’ head was on, hence, I decided to try and forget the surreal trip to the now half emptied tent, and to try and focus on the now instead.

It was around a 20 minute walk to the arena, and the most beautiful place I’ve ever been lucky enough to see. The festival was set in a valley in the mountains of northern Italy, mountains completely covered in every luscious shade of green known to man. The entire setting was soaked in my 4 favourite colours, people were laying on cerise pink and bright orange hammocks, swinging slowly to the soothing beats. Every tiny bar was decorated with beautiful uplifting ‘cartoon like’ art, covering the steel ‘put me up’ bars underneath. Lime green, turquoise and orange clothes beamed out at me, from the small set of stalls in the middle. The lady dancing like no-one was watching at the shop front.

I walked to the bargain basement bar, where people were laying on bean bags and sofas, smoking and laughing. I got myself 4 ‘1 Euro’ cups of wine/paint stripper 😉 and a kind soul sold me a joints worth of green. I stepped outside into the 30 degree heat and sat my slightly sulky ass in a very comfortable new age deck chair. And this was the thought that led to my gift, the 2nd perfect moment of my life.

I really need some Bob…

And just like that, from my right, the lady dancing outside her shop had popped inside and changed the cd and his healing tones filled my ears. My soul lifted immediately, I dragged my chair to the right til the volume was just right, downed 2 of my 4 cups of meths, to quell the emotional tide, built and chuffed away on my bifta, and then perfection arrived. By the time no woman no cry came on, I felt completely detached from my environment, whilst at the same time, totally saturated by it’s beauty. The colours, the greenery, the hammocks, the people dancing, the pictures, the wood, the woozy feeling in my head, the heat of the sun on my face, the beat of his masterpieces, becoming one with my insides, sinking into the comfort of my deck chair, just able to also hear the waterfall rushing down the giant white stones. Totally alone, no humans to distract or taint the magic I was experiencing. I don’t know how long it lasted, 9, 10, 11 songs? But as the album finished, so did the moment. As with all perfect moments, they are only perfect when a number of magical things exist at once…they have to occur simultaneously. The perfection was based on all of the above together, so when one piece of the pie was taken away, it ended. But Needless to say, it was far past wonderful. I got up immediately and left the location, saving the place and the chair in my grey bits, for that moment only.

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