‘Princess Proncina’s’ Many Gifts to Moi :)


Princess Proncina, she received this little nickname for a couple of reasons. 1. She has a regal like tone to her voice when she barks orders from the best armchair in the world 😉 and 2. She also looks like a princess when she sleeps; her little welsh royal head all poised even in slumber! Oh how we chuckled at that cute sight 🙂 God I miss her…She and we are many many things, fellow Scorpio’s…she also happens to be an almost exact copy of myself 16 years ago. When we stand in front of each other, a mirror image stares back both ways. I feel an overwhelming urge to protect her, but we are also equals, medicine for each other. We found a mutual understanding of profound depths, in such a short time…Like two souls who have already lived 6 past lives together. In common inadequate societal terms, she is simply my step niece. In real terms, she is a special friend, my brain twin, my pain twin, my child within, a reflection of my past, present and future, the maker of my smiles, a hole in my life, and a special precious gem amongst the many shards of glass in humanity. We spent many a night just talking talking talking…til around 9am normally ;//, about the deepest and the shallowest subjects of the universe and beyond. Then through chance/fate, she saw me at my most vulnerable, and it turned out my door of pain was a perfect match to hers. Ugly Betty is one of our things, series 2 is on the shelf, ready for her next visit. In our days together, we laughed, we cried, we shared, we fixed each other, and we saw into each others souls the first moment we met. And then she left :(…

My Proncina wrote a poem for me, and it is without question, one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received. And she has kindly agreed to let me share it with you. Her world has gone from dark to light, not all the way, but she’s on the way. And when she sent me it, I felt both overwhelmed and uplifted. Because I realised she had discovered the meaning of, and the motivation that comes with, hope. She is living life 🙂 with a future in sight…

I love thee oh regal one ;)…Thank you for your beautiful words, they light me up whenever I’m feeling blue, because through all their sadness, every-time I read them, I’m reminded that you’re on the right road now :). To know I had something to do with that, just adds yet another cherry to the ‘Bakewell Pie’ that is and will always be ‘Proncina and Dawny’ 😉

Here is her beautiful poem…

Dawn you took me in under your wings
When I was too scared to fly
You told me that I had to live
When all I wanted was to die,

Dawn you saw the fear and sadness I had,
By only the sound of my voice
You said I didn’t have to talk-
You were the first to give me that choice

You told me just to take my time
We’ll always have next week
There were many, many times
When you’d just let me weep

You somehow made me smile, though
Through my pain and all the tears
You told me all about my life
And what happened in those years

To my surprise you were right
You already knew me so well
So I decided to stick with you
“I like her already, I can tell. ”

You opened my heart very slow
And took a look inside
Then you found the part of me
That I wanted so badly to hide

But you didn’t laugh, nor did you leave
You didn’t say I was wrong
You told me that I’d be fine –
Something I’d needed so long

Then I realized something was wrong
When I sat there all those days
Then I finally figured it out
It was something I didn’t say

Thank you was all that I could get out
Though I wanted to say much more
You have taught me of life and love
And that I have something to live for.

I love you dawn

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