Daily Archives: May 7, 2011

‘Disabled’? or ‘Simply Humanly Inconsistent?…


Can a wildly ‘varying’ capability ever be logically defined as a ‘fixed’ disability?
Perhaps the enabling sometimes turns to the disabling?
Perhaps not…perhaps disabled is the wrong term.

Some days, she is more enabled than many,
Productivity shoots through the roof, when her internal amphetamine switch goes click. She’s on over-drive all day and night, for a week, for two, for months… Read the rest of this entry

Think before you Jump on the ‘Blame Train’


Train to Narvik approaches Uppsala C

Image by abaransk via Flickr

‘The Irish’ became ‘The Youth’ became ‘The Great Unwashed’ became ‘The Ethnic Minorities’ became ‘The Single Mothers’ became ‘The Immigrants’ became ‘The Unpaid’…

When the problems in a society are too vast and complex for fixing, and the leaders too corrupt to be exposed or corrected; a ‘group’ is blamed for the problems instead. This is a well known ‘cheeky little political tactic’, and it’s been in use for centuries. Read the rest of this entry