‘Disabled’? or ‘Simply Humanly Inconsistent?…


Can a wildly ‘varying’ capability ever be logically defined as a ‘fixed’ disability?
Perhaps the enabling sometimes turns to the disabling?
Perhaps not…perhaps disabled is the wrong term.

Some days, she is more enabled than many,
Productivity shoots through the roof, when her internal amphetamine switch goes click. She’s on over-drive all day and night, for a week, for two, for months…
She is capable of spending far more time on many a ‘useless project’ than most others. Is this not just as much a capability, as it is a sign of obsessive tendencies?…
There is nothing she doesn’t know about ukulele strings ;//…particularly the low G; about constructing dollhouses; about social constructions; about Goffman; about Scorpios; about dirty politicians….ze list goes on…She is a one woman research engine somedays 😉 thats 5 to 10 or so hours a day found, on top of the 643 real life jobs and chores she ‘boshes’ out a day in these periods. They are span dangly times! Of excessive ability!

The term disabled refers to the able and the unable…it refers to ability.
Refers to Capability. Capability is a reasonably steady thing for some, reasonably being the operative word…
Some days, others are less steady…yet they are capable of miraculous feats,
Feats that are so grandiose, they may not even cross the minds of many others, let alone become part of any kind of ‘reality’.
Some days, these people are put on full stop. Utterly paralysed. Not disabled. Paralysed.
So if your either grossly enabled or entirely paralysed, you’re never actually disabled are you? Can anyone be defined as disabled, due to any ‘varying’ process of their mind. Aren’t they just utterly naturally and normally humanly…’Inconsistent’. I believe it all just comes down to extent again. Socially acceptable extents of varying capabilities. Step too far up or down on the scale, and you’re put into the unreasonable box.
For even the steadiest of souls, their capability to cope with everything life brings, rises and falls. Is there even one human process of any one mind which remains consistent continuously? And for any consistent level of capability, who’s job is it to decide if that capability makes you disabled or specially enabled. Added to this, is the thought that those defined as disabled, are often stronger than those who aren’t. Mass adversity and social isolation brings about gargantuan levels of strength. I do believe that’s an enabling trait too.
People should be very careful about when and where they choose to try to apply labels to others. And that goes for every ‘tag’ out there. Define yourself. You are your own expert.

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