Think before you Jump on the ‘Blame Train’

Train to Narvik approaches Uppsala C

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‘The Irish’ became ‘The Youth’ became ‘The Great Unwashed’ became ‘The Ethnic Minorities’ became ‘The Single Mothers’ became ‘The Immigrants’ became ‘The Unpaid’…

When the problems in a society are too vast and complex for fixing, and the leaders too corrupt to be exposed or corrected; a ‘group’ is blamed for the problems instead. This is a well known ‘cheeky little political tactic’, and it’s been in use for centuries. Over the last hundred years of so, the above ‘groups’ have been periodically painted as the very villains of humanity! And as the reason behind any and every downward spiral in overall ‘quality of life’. What a load of old tripe! Currently, as i’m sure you’re aware…’The Unemployed’ are in for the battering of their lives!! Pretty please take a look around you for just one day and note all the things that you consider problematic in society. Then think logically for one minute about whether any ONE ‘bunch’ of average people could be responsible for such a massive ‘mound of messiness’. The problems are also of course subjective, to the point of being defined as blessings by the eyes of others. So really peeps, what I’m saying is…Please don’t just automatically believe the hype, and be very careful about which ‘blame train’ you jump on. Glance upwards on the power lines of any society, and you may just find a more realistically suitable group to lay a large ass chunk of blame onto. BUT ultimately, we all contribute to what we all are and what we will become, with every single thing that we do, as individuals, in every minute of every day. For every action, there is a re-action…Think before you jump on trains; know before you believe; and watch yourself. Closed minds are the only barrier to change and resolution.

And my final final thought ;)! Only problems make solutions what they are; the same as you have to feel sad in order to understand and experience happiness. So i guess we need some problems and we need some sadness…without them, we have no capacity for development or happiness. And what a sad world that would really be :(. I watch us all tentatively as the years tick by, but when I try to think where we might be in twenty years, I can’t even begin to guess; that’s a hallmark of one unstable world. Try your best to stay upright amidst this unendingly wobbly wibbly changing planet in which we reside…

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  1. Lmao! I’m not enough of a threat yet babe 😉 give it time, i’ll have a whole 4 signed up to my revolution soon 😉

    Nov, get off the bloody blame train! 😉

  2. If i’ve told you once, i’ve told you a thousand times, don’t provoke the dirty MP’s! They’ll silence you! 🙂 You go Dawny, lovin the posts! xXx