When Scorpio does Scorpio…;)


The compatibility (both platonic and lust filled) between people, based on their star sign, is something that I find eternally fascinating. Now I know many people believe Derren Browns’ take on astrology, that it is basically a load of old twaddle. But I firmly believe, from experience, that these astrologers have a point or two or 735! The moon controls the tides right? We humans are almost completely made up of water. Is it so bizarre to imagine that planets (the moon and all the others) also control us ‘watery things’ to some extent? Pluto apparently controls me and it’s the planet of drama! Need I say more ;0!

When looking at someone’s star sign, and their ‘ways’, a more accurate reading is gained when the astrology gets a bit more complicated than mainstream. But aside from this; we are formed by our upbringing and experiences; our past and present environments; our genes etc; AND our own amounts of self-will (to resist or embrace the tendencies of our astrological ‘group’). I believe these factors all impact on whether or not a typical trait of any sign, rears its head or not. I’ve just been and had a browse online and here be the summarized ‘typical’ traits of a Scorpio.

The essence of contradiction.

Independent and clingy.

Loving and cold.

Authoritative and weak.

INTENSE about everything.


Hides emotions

Deep feelings.



Intense desire to uncover things.

Determination and loyalty.



Strong willed.





When self-expression is suppressed, internal and external destruction follows.

Unforgiving when wronged.

Invented Revenge.

Never forget kindness.


Very loyal friend.




Intensely ruthless to enemies.


PERCEIVED as cold and uncaring.

Native understanding of humans.


Interested in the mind.

Interested in all things strange, the occult.



Sign of mystery, birth, sex, death and re-generation.

Due to all the other factors mentioned which shape a person (environment, genes, upbringing etc), this list does not define me completely (or any one else I doubt). However, there is not a thing on there that doesn’t reside strongly in me. I fight some of them and embrace others, but they are all there. Every single one.

Now for a little more on Pluto; it is the planet of death and re-birth; which basically means that virtually every damn thing you do as a Scorpio, begins with a fire and ends with a bloody great bang, sometimes a loud bang, and sometimes a silent bang, but they’re both as loud as each other here really. Scorpio’s experience great big life changing lessons on a continuous rolling basis…where we normally come out ‘the other side’…completely reformed in some area or another. We die and are re-born endlessly, but these traits still remain.

Scorps and Scorps. In the platonic sense, I know and have known a good few Scorpio’s. Every one of them also has these traits. YES, every single Scorpio I’ve ever encountered, has every single one of these tendencies. Do they act upon them all? No…Do all others see all these things in them? No…Do Scorpio’s see straight inside each other as soon as they meet? Yes…

The connection has always been profound, and still remains so with all of them (present and past known, all included); though sadly a few bangs have been heard. Bleeding Pluto and the Scorpio ‘trap’ combined, make for tongue lashings that may be regretted but not forgiven. By both, or by one or the other little stinger.

Scorpio’s are renowned for having problems in the old arena of love. Some of the biggest problems I have always had in the ‘lust/love filled connections’, when communicating with all other non Scorpio’s, is the sheer time it takes to try to explain my contradictory ways; coupled with the other problem of…The blank expression which crosses their face when my justification for my behaviour and personality, makes no sense to them whatsoever!

I always thought if two Scorps met romantically the following would happen:-

  1. They would understand the reason behind every action of the other person.
  2. They would know exactly what the other person was feeling when they were together and sometimes apart, almost all of the time.
  3. They would know why the other person was feeling that way, almost all of the time.
  4. They would have no need to explain the 50,000 things they have been trying to explain all their lives.
  5. They would be unable to hide the 50,000 things they had been successfully hiding from everyone else up until that point.
  6. They would find a soul connection.

Then I thought one of two things would follow:-

– They would fall madly in love and never part…

– Or they would sting each other to death in a constant quest for control, whilst being eaten away with resentment, due to an inability to forgive.

Romantically, I’ve loved an Aries, two in fact, I’ve loved a Libra, I nearly fell ‘In love’ (real ‘In love’) with a Capricorn, I’ve loved an Aquarius. I have been loved and people have been ‘In love’ with me. Never have I been understood though, and never had I been ‘In Love’ (real ‘In love’) ‘til I found my Scorpio.

As predicted, and just like my platonic Scorp/Scorp connections, we found the above list (1 to 6), in full, in approximately 2 weeks!! (actually, 10 minutes and then 2 weeks to confirm our intuition was indeed correct :)). And then I went and fell madly in love. In the words of Janice ‘Movie Love’. For all their complexities, and all their instabilities, when you are on the receiving end of a Scorpio ‘In love’, you know about it, and it’s perfection on a plate. Only of course if the Scorpio on the receiving end is as deeply ‘In love’…and I am 🙂 And the reason why we don’t sting each other at all?…Because we are both essentially kind; and we have both been lucky enough to experience Pluto’s lessons in revenge, resentment, control, power and forgiveness. We both learnt these the hard way and luckily came out with enough insight and self-will to let go of these intrinsic parts of ourselves.

I believe fate joined us, post Pluto lessons, so we didn’t screw up the most amazing connection of two people I’ve ever witnessed. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realise I’m living in it. It’s not all down to just star signs, as I’ve found the perfect match for my soul, mind and body. But I swear peeps, astrology definitely helps ;). A match of intensity for these two is a must.

Pre –  ‘My Jayazepam Onion’, I knew the intensity of ‘love’, and that was pretty colossal. Thank Betty that when I had to deal with the joyous yet overwhelming intensity of being ‘In love’, I found it with a fellow stinger…which means I don’t have to explain or justify its size. I don’t have to doubt its reciprocation because I know that ‘stingers’ keep safe kind souls… they don’t forget kindness remember?? and they are loyal.

My ‘hard work heart’ is his forever. Whether we part or not (which will not happen as I’m gonna super glue myself to his leg if he ‘bins me’…til he changes his mind ;//), he is the love of my life. I can’t speak for all Scorp’s of course; but profound movie love is what happened when this Scorpio met that Scorpio 🙂

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  1. As usual hun you have done a great job here, although you know my views on this topic, it gives some insight into the many random things that do seem to add up for you and your star sign, especially as I know you so well.

    That being said, the romantic stuff produced carrots as normal! 😉