‘It takes 7 Seconds to Fall in Love’… Does it???!!

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Apparently it takes 7 seconds to fall in love!

What a load of old tripe ;//!

Love takes time doesn’t it?

Friends, Family, Extended Family, Lovers,Wives,Husbands,Boyfriends/Girlfriends … all included…

It takes years to love our true friends,

It takes years to love certain members of our blood family ;), but love them eventually we do,

It takes far longer than 7 seconds to love a new ‘step’ family member, but eventually we sometimes love them too,

The Love Train –

Familiarity comes first, then unique, though sometimes strange bonds/connections are formed; we learn about each other and find areas of intolerance, tolerance, acceptance, and appreciation. All of these little processes are going on in the background until one day, they all sneak up on you, and you realise that the imperfect human standing In front of you, is someone you have GROWN to love.

The 7 seconds Train –

Instant attraction, chemistry, pheromones pouring out of each others ‘eds like a busted mains water pipe!, pupil alterations of the drug inducing kind, loins awakening, lust, yearning… yada yada yada…

But I do believe that’s what’s known as simply ‘first attraction’. Agreed it can all be pretty damn overwhelming, but that wonderment we feel is probably at least half to do with our own shit, as it is about them and their spangly-ness!

I can see where this second 7 thing came from, think of all the people who have had a 7 second train ride of their lives and then carried on the journey together until, ‘In love’.

The attraction and the mind invading begins immediately, so its hard for them to define the point at which they went from being a ‘bloody great chemistry set’ to ‘In Love’, as the symptoms can be very similar!

But can we define the point at which we realise we love all the other people in our lives either?

It takes 7 seconds to fancy the pants off of someone

But it takes time to KNOW their core. It takes times to see if the insides of the yummy specimen are worthy of your love,  and vice versa; in whatever way you perceive and process that mysterious gift. If yummy boy/girl turns out to be 2 sandwiches short of a picnic, and has never stepped over the bridge in Lowestoft, (to the unknown south of the town) and you have just finished a PHD and travelled around East Asia with the ‘ickle street kids. The connection/bond part could begin to crumble, and the old 7 second train is seen starting its depart; pronto!

I end…in the words of my idol. Ms Winehouse

To know know know him, Is to love love love him…(her, them ;))

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  1. I think you are right 99% babe. There might be the odd time when you are lucky enough to fall in love in 7 seconds, and then keep in love. For the most part, it takes time, unless you are a mind reader and get to see into the deepest darkest corner of a persons mind and and decide upfront if you can deal with the many issues they have (like us all)!

    Keep em coming! XxX

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  3. Ah Mum your soooo sweet. I love you muchly too!!! both unconditionally and unshakably too…you ROCK Mother Foulger… Love from your uncontrollable lil bean 😉

  4. I loved you from the moment you drew your first breath no seven seconds for me and i will love you always and forever a mothers love is unconditional love and unshakable love mum xxx

  5. Hey Peeps, thanks muchly for leaving your opinions 🙂 Stacey, such wisdom in your response and bloody good point about the hormones. PMT, Pregnancy, Love, The Menapause….it makes us think all sorts ay? 😉

    Evilscreever. What can I say except lol, and I agree they (the 7 secs) do rock, they’re just not love 😉

    Counting Ducks, Lol!, I think they pluck them outa their butt cheeks, and here here..I do believe, bilge it is 🙂 Really gald you enjoyed. Thanks again guys

  6. 7 seconds. just like a rodeo. and they are the most fun, exciting, enticing, thrilling, exhilarating 7 seconds ever. just like the rodeo.

  7. You r correct! It takes 7 seconds to be in lust. which in the moment generated by hormones can feel like love, but real love, the kind that gets you through the crap of life, takes a long time to cultivate and trust…..