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How How How do ‘Born Liars’ Do it???


Liar, Liar (song)

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Me and my onion were having a game of ‘Rummy’a few weeks ago, and during this innocent game of cards, I learnt a few semi-disturbing things about myself ;/, via his ‘oh so observant eye’!

1. When I talk I apparently ‘boing around’ quite a lot, and this ‘boinging’ evidently extends to my hands

2. I talk a lot when I’m playing cards

3. My ever moving hands inadvertently flick the wrong side of my ‘cards’ outwards, for a 360 degree full room viewing, every 15 seconds or so!

So anyway, game 3 rolls around, and as far as I’m aware, all is well in the ‘card camp’, and as he placed a 3 of diamonds on the tray, he said… Read the rest of this entry

‘Contradictions’ of a Common Kind?…


I have to do it all, but I need to do nothing,

I am empty.

I am over flowing,

I long for your touch, continuously, but I require solitude for sanity,

I re-run the same naïve mistakes, yet as stupidity repeats, my wisdom increases… Read the rest of this entry