Drivvle/whine about…’Writers Block/Lifers Block’

overcoming writer's block - crumpled paper on ...

My emotions continue to leave me baffled, no matter how much time I take tending to their understanding!

Some-one clearly tipped me upside down in my sleep on Sunday night, and shook everything right out of me…The little Mo-Fo!

I have cultivated quite a phenomenal ‘Get Happy’ list over the years, and as I sit staring at it, not one thing on it is filling me with anything but indifference. I’m wondering if the pooey list is even mine…

My favourite films sit in front of me, but I don’t want to watch any of them, as someone has stolen my laughter. I feel like I’m betraying ‘them’, when they don’t do their job.

I can’t write, because I can’t feel any of the emotions that drive me to recall or think…

I can’t create a song because I am empty, 2 hours in and I can’t even find 2 chords that go together nicely, no notes, no melody line; these are the last words left in me…

Someone has sucked the motivation to even move, right ‘outa’ me

I have the royal ‘UMP and no idea why!

I have lost all my bubbles until further notice!

Not only do I have writers block. I have Lifers block.

And in the words of ‘Ol’ Carpenter’…‘I’m getting off the cross now, someone else needs the wood’ ;/

P.s. Upon proof reading/spell checking this snippet of utter drivvle; I conclude (ish) that I am a self-indulgent, self-pitying, morose little beast when I have the ‘ump…But still, I’m not deleting this whinge insert 😉

The reason being – My ‘blogs’ fundamental purpose is to add to my ever-growing pile of ‘captured memories’…I happen to be slightly obsessed with memories. I realise this means any reader may find some to all of my entries utterly pointless, (such as this little snippet ;)), but that’s because it is/they are ;//. Except not for me, the self-indulgent beast; because they belong in my own box of ‘treasures’…

I have thousands of photos, but now I also have a pretty little page on which to ‘capture’ the memories of my meandering mind’ too; to look back on when I’m old and even more crooked ;).

For someone who was writing about writer’s block, I’m not doing a bad job of contradicting myself here, so I’m shutting up now :)…

Nope, still going, final point. Clearly writer’s block does not extend to drivvle block! Yay all day for small mercy’s!

Farewell until my Juice returns ;/

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