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‘Life is a Stage and We are the Actors’…Go learn your lines ‘Chameleons’!!


Stage Idol

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”Goffman’ is one of my favourite ever ‘social thinkers’; he mustered up a whole host of  interesting/intriguing and insightful theories on us humans in his time. This particularly beautiful little theory of his, which I’m gonna attempt to delve into, is explained fully in his book ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’.

He had a magic all of his own, a magic you seldom see in the worlds of ‘Academia and/or Science’. His dry old cronies produced papers with ‘similarly genius content’, but as reading scientific journal papers is kinda similar to pulling your own teeth out, via a japanese instruction manual;  sadly most knowledge in them, stays within a pretty small community, within an even smaller community.

But ‘Goffman’ used a mixture of clever yet simplistic metaphors and ‘almost’ poetic descriptions to explain the complex ways of society; Read the rest of this entry