A ‘Hand’ is Everything, and only a commodity for the ‘Wisest Travellers’

Right hand

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When you climb a cliff, there are always several edges on the way up,

But the top is typically the point we aim to reach,

The top is where things look most amazing,

The higher we go, the more it takes our breath away,

So we can’t help but keep trying to get to that point,

Compared to the bottom, compared to the middle, the top is always ‘most’,

The greatest climb, the ultimate destination, it is heady, it is exciting, but you cannot have the top without the danger of the edge,

And when you keep dancing on the top with your eyes shut, you eventually trip!

Once again your hanging between all and nothing, clawing to the sides but your grip is slipping,

Then a hand reaches down and pulls you back up…

Only ‘Life’ and ‘Death’ can play endlessly on the top, when we mortals dance between these two, we need breaks from the game,

‘Tired and Scared’, you long for the middle you can see, and yearn for the bottom that you can’t,

But dwelling too long at the bottom, brings with it, the fading desire to dance with the sky,

The bottom is forever cursed by its relation to the top; it holds no allure in comparison,

The forever sprawling edge is not breath-taking, and the bottom just becomes the beginning once again,

Like a toddler, you start on the climb back up, just to dance into all or nothing one more time,

Dancing at the top with your eyes shut, just once, is almost everything…almost,

And we are foolishly simple, we cannot help but give our everything…for what seems like everything,

But hiding within all the fools who constantly climb and relentlessly fall; lie the wisest souls,

They are the only ones who actually have everything. They are those that climb in two’s.

For every-time you reach the heady heights, and trip like a fool with your eyes wide shut, if a hand is there to pull you back up, then you’re travelling wise on the climb to the top,

It’s not the destination after all, that shapes the fate of your final arrival. It’s entirely the route you take, that leaves you with or without a hand. So often, It’s only ever just a hand that stands us between ‘Life’ and ‘Death’…

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