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“I couldn’t tell her…I just couldn’t”…!



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Are any of us immune ://??

Sometimes it’s ‘Mum’, often it’s ‘Dad’, or the ‘Nan’ you call ‘Gran’…Sometimes the ‘Vicar’. For her it’s her ‘Best Friend’; his someone is his ‘Big Brother’. Then there are the others to consider…daughters, sisters, lovers, teachers, colleagues, good friends, bad friends…

But I’ve yet to meet one soul who doesn’t have one…

One what?

One person who we can’t tell certain truths to, now matter how bold we become. And we withhold these truths why? Not because they can or would DO anything about our truths, and not because they are actually AFFECTED by them either… Read the rest of this entry

‘Blood, Sweat (a little wee-wee) and Tears’…of Laughter! :)


Travel Bike

The Hawk Courier!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the machine that is ‘The Hawk Courier’, it is a highly attractive ‘fold up’ bike from the ‘80’s’. You know the ones with a tiny teeny strange shaped frame (to allow it to fold up like a pushchair!), and wheels with a diameter of around 8 inches. ;0… it had a strangely ‘low-set’ seat. And though it paraded as an adults bike, whether you were 4’9” or 6’3”…when seen riding one, you looked like you’d borrowed it off your 5-year-old 😉

Mum’s particular little beauty was fashioned in a vibrant blue and proudly emblazoned across its main (teeny tiny) middle bar, in gold, was ‘The Hawk Courier’!! Read the rest of this entry

Most Perfectionist’s get ‘Life’, I got away with ’27 years’!!


Fences of a Federal Prison in the U.S.

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Life is made up of two types of people

– Perfectionists


– Non-Perfectionists

The reasons why we end up in either pile are vast, complex and far-reaching. For the most part, these reasons are deeply entrenched into our psyche, as early as our teenage years…certainly by our 20’s, we are firmly in one gang or the other; and we generally stay there for life. I however; am amongst the scattered few who’ve experienced a double perception on this black and white issue. I was a perfectionist and now I am a definite Non’er…

Practical Positives of being a Perfectionist

Bionic Perfectionists whoop ass in all areas; but for most (irritatingly to them) merely human perfectionists; due to frustrating time constraints, that they concisely calculated in alphabetical order back in year 11 of life… Read the rest of this entry

Dear Media..Please ‘Catch Up’, ‘Fess Up’, ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘Get Real’


Have I Got News for You

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The Media – Arguably the most influential of all the ‘institutions’ of our bizarre time, for instilling lorry loads of clap-trap into our conscious and subconscious minds. In a quest to warp rational thought; re-shape opinions based on logic and experience, into those based on tripe instead, tripe masquerading as fact. And also of course, to make us purchase Levi’s, just because fit guys wash them in 1970’s styleee romanticised launderettes…

Now we Brits are known for many things but I don’t think naivety is one of them. I think 99% of us KNOW that ‘A source said’ is poorly obvious code for ‘Beth in the gossip column made this up in the brainstorming session this morning’! Read the rest of this entry