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Most Perfectionist’s get ‘Life’, I got away with ’27 years’!!


Fences of a Federal Prison in the U.S.

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Life is made up of two types of people

– Perfectionists


– Non-Perfectionists

The reasons why we end up in either pile are vast, complex and far-reaching. For the most part, these reasons are deeply entrenched into our psyche, as early as our teenage years…certainly by our 20’s, we are firmly in one gang or the other; and we generally stay there for life. I however; am amongst the scattered few who’ve experienced a double perception on this black and white issue. I was a perfectionist and now I am a definite Non’er…

Practical Positives of being a Perfectionist

Bionic Perfectionists whoop ass in all areas; but for most (irritatingly to them) merely human perfectionists; due to frustrating time constraints, that they concisely calculated in alphabetical order back in year 11 of life… Read the rest of this entry