Personal post, incoherent but necessary drivel to self.


The following entry is here for selfish and personal reasons only. It’s not some strange new attempt at entertainment via incoherent lines of madness. Please stroll on past this particular bit of old crust  🙂 Me and my pretty page have a thing at the moment that we need to work out…

OK first I’m going for short statements and I’m gonna post this whatever I do to it…

1766 words are ever growing, I finished this one, Pre edit… and I thought I was cured.

18 hours later and there are still points that are relevant that aren’t included

The side stepping thought stole half the show

I fall in love with all them slightly tinkly ideas like the shoulder carrying twin on my newly unclipped shiny shoulder

Initials are responsible for the poison. Detail, detail kills us with everything in the end,

If I read it back and I can’t hear me then it can,t be me until it’s me

I,ve had the shittes month in the bloody world and I,m proper emotional tonight.

I miss you and I’ve written all sorts about the pain but I can’t finish any of it and I keep gettin lost again in them strange little snippets. I’ve decided I’m gonna just get them out of the gas chamber as they are…

I think it might help, my thoughts are sparking in too many directions too quickly. I don’t know where I am getting them from as none of me can keep up with the upstream

A really Simple thought would probably only evolve into 1000 words in this current carrier of thoughts, and the detail would fold against the strength of the piece being detailed the right way!finished

Don’t take away my breakaway

I’m so utterly emotional boingy today and I have been every where today

I think when things slow Down up top, maybe the detail will get some fucking perspective

Last 2 years were all about the friends show of glory

Now it’s family year…lessons upon lessons, to show the izzy in me, what is actually in front of me,

Must dash poxy pedestals,

iPad bloody enrages me

I dare not go and get the stuff to show you, it might stop this session and we need to talk

Ok is including too many trails why? hurt, pain, perception, side stepping, poison swopping, fate, Betty, lessons, changes, tantrums, sulking, freedom, travel

Ok I think that is my answer…yep too much

Cut and paste the little meanders of madness out,

I keep writing with splits. The bed of deliverances had to be made two. The family tree syringe spaceship had to be divided.

Divide and conquer just popped in, was that from you Betty? ;)if yea, thanks treasure

I’m gonna try to split the meanders

It would be hard because splitting yourself in two is hard whatever wa you mean it…

I swear if them bastards hurt my brother, I think I’ll end up over there.

I intrinsically dispise the state of humanity. We are a fucking disgrace, me included. But mostly all the greedy barbaric immoral inhumane exploitative soul-less pricks that have power make me most sad

Theres no where left now, no-where is not on the list for just a matter of time now.


How blood mental that we might be the last generation on earth before we kill it or some strange lizard takes over

I think it would be lovely to all die together, we would all never have to miss each other ever

I miss Ian

Sometimes I wish I thought never

I’m confused, a little insane, in love, happy, broken, over-whelmed, angry, under pressure, anticipating, panicking,I miss my study. Don’t know if I have the fuel, not for October I don’t, february maybe…

Inadequacy Is far easier to accept in yourself If you get to hide it from the world,

The owner of the detail massacre Is creeping in everywhere

Seriously, how can so many well paid professionals be so inept at dispensing some fucking medication

How much more patience can I find for these chumps in charge of my care!!!!! Manipulating lying agenda based mania police masquerading as doctors

What the fuck has the delivery driver got to do with my care. Does he get to outwardly berate me for daring to walk on my functioning legs and take me off of his wrun

Nt in reality

But sadly it was

I keep missing the keys, it’s buggin me, this IPad and it no scroll function may have disabled mrs BPD pants and her beady fooking eye!!!!

This has been good

I feel slightly emptied, more than slightly

See 769 words and it’s just mini sentences. Shut up Dawny, be quiet brain, and all your little jimpadee jumpadee emotion suckers


Life is so complicated

I wanna know how many thoughts everyone has in a day roughly

I wonder loads, stop

Ok it has to end because they’re all flooding back in again

I hope to give you something pretty soon to match your pretty self.

I am the most long winded complicated swine I know

mwah xxxxxxxxx

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