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“Revenge is a reflex action”, this is why we’re ‘screwed’ til further notice!!


Knife fight

Image by muir.ceardach via Flickr

Fate takes us on paths in order to teach us lessons, we move forwards on these paths and lanes when and if we grow, and we move sideways if we make changes that ‘shrink’ us.

Nothing shifts you sideways quite like the path we ALL walk on in order to understand the relationship between hurt, wrongs, pain and revenge.

Some label this path life’s toughest. Nothing proves more testing to the psyche than constantly marching in the wrong direction inspite of your best efforts to aim the self. The old you is dying but immortal, so you are duty bound to lug her/him around with you…just you and your poisonous, small minded bigoted twin, chucked over your newly formed unchipped (but smothered) shoulder. Moving nowhere but sideways, and slowly to boot…

“Revenge is a reflex action”…(moi, 2011) Read the rest of this entry

Dear Ego, come talk to me, of course I agree with you…Love self xxx



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I guess the ego wishes for this kind of recognition and understanding,

And even the stupidest of people know that the ego is responsible for most quasi-woes,

But sometimes we’re forced to listen to it anyway because unfortunately, none of us manage to escape its existence within us, and subsequently we’re all plagued by its irritating wails for attention,

Am I selfish for needing someone to see how hard this is for me?

Am I a bad person for wanting someone to just understand why I’m all over the place, verbally, emotionally, cognitively? Does anyone see the cost and also the intention? Read the rest of this entry