Do you find ‘Gems’ in manure, as well as in jewellery stores?

Nearly octahedral diamond crystal in matrix.

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If you believe everything happens for a reason, you can always find a diamond in the manure.
If you believe there is a lesson to be learnt from every experience, you become wiser after both good and bad times.
If you believe that literally anything is possible; then sense, logic and reason can be found in almost all actions and happenings.
If you believe in even the POSSIBILITY of enlightenment as a reality, you have access to one of lifes routes to understanding… ‘IT ALL’.

If you believe everything happens cos life is life, there are no diamonds in manure, there are only diamonds in diamonds.
If you believe every experience is just what it is, nothing much changes after you’re happy in the good times; and sad in the bad.
If you believe that set things are possible and other things are impossible; then sense, logic and reason are lost to you much of the time.

I don’t know exactly why I believe in the possibilty of the ‘bigger things’ stuff, but I feel blessed that I do…

Some may argue that they are somewhat fluffy, unrealistic and idealistic, and their argument is as valid as any other argument out there; yet you can’t really argue with the evidence of what they give me…whether they are true or not is not for me to decide (as anythings possible and all that ;))…but they DOOO give me a way to find extra droplets of happiness in this difficult journey they call life. I have grown as a person and they will make sure this continues; believing makes me more astute and knowledgeable on a rolling basis… and I find comfort and sense; where others who don’t believe find confusion and desperation.

I wonder what you believe! But more intrigiung to me is what you outright disbelieve????

I leave pondering ‘Fate’ and ‘Betty’ and ‘Energy’…


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  1. I believe that everything is done for a reason even if we can not fully understand why, we are a small part of a large and mostly unexplained universe and can never hope to see the full picture.
    I also believe that we pay karma debts that we have accrued in a past life, learning lessons as we move on, and, sometimes recieveing pain that we may have caused someone else in the past. We must not be to hard on ourselves, our actions and responses to other peoples actions are not always premeditated they are reactions that just happen, not always with hindsite the right actions but thats life
    we learn we love we laugh we cry all in our lifetime we all have good and bad times it may be fate it may all be part of a bigger picture, whatever it is we have to ride the waves good or bad and trust that things will always work out, leave it with Betty dawn love you so much mum xxx,